This Mango Kiwi Mousse And My Tokyo Adventure

I was in Tokyo last autumn and it was one of the best happenings in my life! It was a beautiful city with beautiful people. The people were so kind and so polite. Everyone was willing to help even if there was a language barrier. There was this guy who showed me the way (literally) to this ramen place just because he couldn’t explain to me properly how to go there. There was a woman carrying a child who allowed me to use the elevator first just because she saw I was struggling with my luggage. But other than the people, I think it’s obvious what I enjoyed the most in Tokyo—yes! Their food!


I have a friend who taught English in Japan and she toured me around. Knowing that I was a food lover, she brought me to the best places including the best dessert places. The Japanese were so adventurous with their food. They had a lot of desserts that you wouldn’t even think of making as a dessert. But because they used the freshest ingredients, they all tasted really good! I especially loved their fruit desserts. This mango kiwi mousse recipe reminds me immediately of those days. This dessert tastes refreshing and sweet at the same time and everyone will fall in love with it!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Confessions of a Confectionista.




Quick Tip: Serve chilled.

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