Here’s A Tasty Twist On A Classic Chicken Marsala Recipe

When I do not know what to order on a menu at an Italian restaurant, I always resort back to chicken marsala. It is delicious, creamy and tasty, has lots of veggies, and well, it is just plain good! I really love the way that the creamy sauce coats the spaghetti (or whatever noodles you are using) without being overwhelming. The taste is light and refreshing with that little lemon flavor shining through.


One thing I love to do is whenever I find a really good recipe, I recreate it at home. I love to take something that is delicious and my husband and I would like to eat more often, and then make it from the comfort of my kitchen. It saves us a lot of money, and more importantly, I find it really fun. I enjoy tasting a meal and then trying to recreate it without a recipe. I knew that I wanted this one to be a Crock pot meal though, so I ran a search on Pinterest and this amazing recipe came up. Do not skip this one- you are not going to want to miss it! And I bet the ingredients are already in your pantry now.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Aunt Bee’s Recipes.




Quick Tip: Add sugar or lemon to the sauce depending on the flavor you want to give it.

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