This Fried Ice Cream Cheesecake Recipe Made Her Say Yes

I was a witness when she said yes to the most romantic proposal ever. I call it romantic because Jenny, my friend, was finally proposed to and it’s over her favorite dessert! We, her friends, were all invited, but we too didn’t know what’s going to happen. It was her birthday, so it was not unusual for them to invite us. It’s usually her boyfriend who arranged everything so we didn’t find anything extraordinary.


Her boyfriend rented a function room overlooking a lake for the party. We were all dressed in formals and were served a full course meal. It was during dessert when things started going a little crazy, in a good way. Jenny started talking loudly and with disbelief in her voice, catching everyone’s attention. We realized she was holding something in her hand while her boyfriend was smiling and kneeling on one knee in front of her. It was a ring with a bit of cream on it. Her boyfriend had it placed inside the glass of her favorite dessert. The look on her face was priceless. But she still continued to eat the dessert after the high had calmed down a bit. And that dessert, which made her say yes, is similar to this recipe that I found over at In Katrina’s Kitchen.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Glory Albin via In Katrina’s Kitchen.




Quick Tip: You can add nuts on top and drizzle it with caramel syrup.

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