It’s The Crispy Baby Potato Bites That Drove My Uncle Mad

One of the “entertainment shows” that I’ve been waiting for in every reunion was the showdown between one of my aunts and her husband. I know they all have happy marriages—my cousins are here as proof—but they still seem to find bickering as an every day hobby. All of my aunts are after the health of their husbands; these guys have developed hypertension over the years.


But my uncles feel otherwise; they just think my aunts are being annoying. So in every reunion, they guard the food my uncles eat while my uncles grumble and whisper to themselves. During last reunion, there was an outburst. One of my cousins had discovered this recipe for crispy baked potato bites. They tasted really delicious and so flavorful! When my cousin was making it, the whole house was being infused with the smell. When they’re prepared and everyone was enjoying them, one of my uncles finally lost it and had a shouting match with his wife. It was more of him begging my aunt to let him have a taste. My aunt wouldn’t budge of course; and she still won in the end. But we would never forget the priceless outburst!

Photo courtesy of Viral Creek. Recipe courtesy of Sandra Lee via Food Network.




Quick Tip: You could use garlic-infused olive oil in place of canola oil.

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