This Soft Pretzel Dog And My Niece’s Storytelling Ability

Kids amuse me. Well, not all the time (most especially if they’re throwing a tantrum because I don’t know how to deal with it), but most of the time. I love how their mind works. They think so out-of-this-world that sometimes, you can’t help but admire their way of thinking. I love talking to my niece. She has these ideas inside her head that inspire me. I’m a writer. I do both business writing and creative writing. And she is of so much help with the creative one.


One of her most fascinating stories is the story of the “worms in the bun”, which I blame my brother for. It’s about how worms were abandoned by their parents so they had to find a shelter. This shelter happened to be the buns. They stayed there until they were so full they couldn’t get out so they would get stuck and form into hotdogs. Have I mentioned before that she doesn’t eat hotdogs? Well, she does, as long as she doesn’t know it’s a hotdog. This recipe by Katrina is most definitely not “worms in a bun”. It’s a hotdog (that’s definitely made of meat) wrapped in the most delicious pretzel casing!

Photo and recipe courtesy of In Katrina’s Kitchen.




Quick Tip: You can try adding strips of mozzarella cheese for those cheese lovers.

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