I Applaud This Apple-Pear Sour Cream Coffee Cake

I love coffee cakes, especially those that contain juicy apples.

This was a cake that I took to a ladies brunch a few months ago and everyone loved it. It was made with local apples from the orchard down the road from my house. I’m not even sure what type apples I used anymore but I think they were Cortland. Whatever the type they turned out to be this cake baked up amazingly well. Don’t be afraid of all the steps involved in making this cake because they are just words. I found this coffee cake to be rather easy to put together.

My kids enjoyed this yummy dessert, too. In fact, they all had to have a small cup of coffee while eating it. It was the silliest thing! Ah, making good memories with your children is what life is all about, right? We will definitely be whipping up this cake again sometime soon. perhaps for the holiday season.




Quick Tip: Try making your own whipped topping to eat on top of this delicious cake.


In the 60’s we had a date-nut coffee cake. So delicious! I lost my copy and have not been able to find another
recipe. I wonder if this would do it with dates and nuts in place of the apples-pears. I shall try, but at the
same time I am thinking you might have a recipe for the date nut cake. I really like some of your recipes as
they are simple yet tasty. Thank you. Ann Kovala

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