You Can’t Have A BBQ Without This!

Corn casserole is a staple dish in my household. It started back when we moved into the neighborhood. We had been living in a tiny little apartment with a really tiny kitchen.

When we moved into our new home, we suddenly had everything we could possibly want. Not only all the staple items, but the refrigerator was huge and modern, and so was the stove. It had an island in the center of the kitchen with lots of space to prepare dishes as well as storage space beneath it.

It was truly one of the best parts of our home. Now, one of our favorite parts about our new home is that we have space outside of our house to have a grill. On that grill, we do so many things.

We prepare homemade pizzas, classic burgers, hot dogs and all the works. We really love to grill and do lots of things with it. Now, one of the best parts about grilling is that my husband makes his one favorite and signature dish: creamy baked corn casserole.

For us, a BBQ is not a BBQ without this casserole dish for us to share. We prepare it halved for ourselves and have even quadrupled it when we have guests over. It is just that good.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchen Whisperer.




Quick Tip: Swap out the milk for any kind of milk you like (half and half, whole milk, evaporated).


From what I see on the internet, it is just a brand name. In the article before the recipe, it says you can use any type of milk.

I never heard of it, either, & just used all common brands (and a couple of store brands) I had easy access to. I didn’t use any of the brands specified & it was Delicious – a hit with the family!

That’s because this is an average popular Recipe that is made all over the U.S. since forever. It’s not new. Many people make this dish as a side portion for Lunch or Dinner all the time with their own variations of ingredients. I make this all the time. Been to Cook Out BBQs and had this dish. It’s made all around the World as well.

LOL! If you read the whole recipe, it reads like an advertising endorsement for name brand products. So, I assume that the milk is a local dairy for that state or province?

The Recipe calls for:
1/2 cup Milk, divided
1/2 cup Heavy cream
2 Tbl Butter, unsalted
1 1/2 Tbl Sugar
2 Tbl flour
1 tsp Salt
4-5 cups Corn kernels, fresh or frozen (thawed) – well drained
2 large eggs
1/4-1/2 cup shredded Cheese (optional)
Chives for garnish

FORGET THE NAME BRANDS. This is not a new Recipe. People have been making this since forever with their own variations. We make this all the time in my Family. I’ve gone to plenty Cook-outs & BBQs and had this Dish.

McArthur milk is a brand name in South Florida. It may not be in other parts of the US. Its jsut plain old milk.

Asiago is a type of cheese, like Swiss or Cheddar or bleu, it is not a brand. It is similar to Parmesan, but with a stronger flavor…

It was great with frozen corn, I would never recommend any corn in the can (it keeps the canned taste)

Frankly, I would use 1/2 and 1/2, which is a mix of milk and cream, dispensing with milk and cream and just as great.
Yes. No canned corn! I love frozen corn.

Probably just the brand of milk that she is able to purchase near her. Use whatever brand of milk is available in your area.

My mother used to make a similar dish she called “Scalloped Corn”. The difference in hers was no sugar and no flour. She just layered corn, slices of butter, then cracker crumbs mixed with cheese (whatever kind you like best), then more corn, butter and the cracker crumb mixture until you have several layers. Then when it’s done you pour heavy cream over the top while inserting a knife to let the cream soak down into the layers. Bake it for 45 min on 350 and put more cheese on top the last 15 minutes. Ummm… it is delicious. Try it you’ll see

Yes I’ve had the scalloped corn version without the sugar. I’ve also had a variation from a Hispanic kitchen with minced onion & garlic, small diced red pepper, green pepper & jalapeno, Both variations being very good. I tried to make the scalloped corn but the recipe I used was for corn pudding & it had sugar in it. I made a huge batch for Thanksgiving & no one ate it…so I tried it & it was sweet but just didn’t marry well with the corn.So if tis is sweet I’m not sure it will be to my liking.

I wish when the ingredients were listed, they would say “plain flour or self rising”….like this one it just says Gold Medal Flour……which do I use……ugh…

All Purpose Floueer is the pain flour and self-rising has the baking powder and salt already in it. If a recipe just says flour – look to see if you add baking powder and salt or not.

Edna, you are kind for mentioning these fine facts such as the Domino sugar being more fine than some brands and the self rising flour having the baking powder and salt already in it. I hadn’t known this. I have in my kitchen, self-rising, all purpose, unbleached, and bread. Bread flour is not adviseable for banana bread. Makes mine fall.

MacArthur milk is/was a brand. Most of you would know it today as T G Lee. Back in the day it was known as MacArthur T G Lee milk.

the only way I have seen it is with jiffy corn bread mix. very good and you can add bell peepers etc. It is kind of sweet with jiffy

In my area we call this Baked Corn but we would never use cheese! And everyone’s comments are spot on…use the brands of ingredients available in the area you live in (but please use whole milk, not 2% OR skim as it will not set up well with those) and follow the cooking directions. It’s an awesome side dish!

I always use cheese, cause being Southern and the Jiffy is really sweet for us, the cheese takes some of that out and adds a slightly salty flavor which causes that. Should you ever have too much salt in a dish, you can add a little sugar and that counteracts it. This is a terrific dish which is always on a holiday table at my house!!

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