Ranch Dressing Ain’t Just For Salads Anymore

At every single party my family ever plans, there is a huge amount of pasta salad. I mean, three or four different kinds. My family will make a potato salad, pasta salad that is creamy, one that has a light dressing and another one that is totally dry. I always tell my mom I think we have too many, but she disagrees. I think she loves pasta salad way too much and is trying to get everyone else to love it as much as she does.


Anyways, when we were planning our most recent family get together, she was breaking out the classic family recipes of pasta salad when I told her I wanted to make one of my own. She was totally shocked, but agreed. So, I set out on a Pinterest hunt for an original, yet delicious pasta salad and I think I found it. This pasta salad is made with ranch dressing (or ranch dry packets) and then tossed with pasta and chopped fruit. It seems like it would be a weird combination, but it is ironically delicious. It is also a low fat salad so it’s perfect for everyone who like to watch their calorie intake. This is now a pasta salad that will be at every one of our future birthday parties or get togethers. It was definitely a hit!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mrs. Schwartz’s Kitchen.




Quick Tip: Add your favorite type of veggies in this!

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