Who Knew Blackberries And Biscuits Would Go Together So Well?

What is breakfast without a good, sweet treat, right? I mean, I am all about the salty breakfast, but I cannot be done with it until I have had a little something to sweeten up my taste buds! Whenever I want to have my traditional childhood breakfast, I put a piece of Cuban bread, already buttered on the inside, in a bread grill. Then I let it flatten out well and get toasty. While that is going, I prepare myself a cup of warm milk with a shot of Cuban espresso. It is the best coffee EVER!


But, as amazing as that breakfast is to me (although my husband does not agree that it is a proper breakfast), it just isn’t complete without a proper sweet ending. To continue my childhood traditional breakfast, I will end it with a sweet treat of guava coffee cake. It is actually more like a Danish with a fluffy Danish like bread, cream cheese and guava on it. Man, it is good! But just recently, I discovered these blackberry biscuit breads, and I will admit, breakfast is not breakfast without these anymore! I have to have them every single morning to really end my breakfast on the right note!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Smart Schoolhouse




Quick Tip: Try with cranberries instead if you’d like.

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