Melt Away Those Cold Nights With A Piping Hot Bowl Of Chicken And Wild Rice Soup

When it’s winter, I always want something hot on my table. I love the coldness of winter better than the steamy summer days, but love won’t prevent you from turning into a huge walking block of ice if you don’t do anything about it. It’s during these times that I don’t want my soup to be just piping hot; I want it to have that extra flavor that will add heat to it. The boyfriend always takes advantage of this temporary moment of weakness and adds a lot of spices to our winter soup. I always allow him, if it means I don’t get to die of hypothermia. Spiciness really do help in heating up the body. 

This chicken wild rice soup recipe reminds me of those cold nights; not because of the super spicy things that the boyfriend loves to add, but rather because of the presence of different flavors in one dish. This soup has that creamy mild taste, but it was made a little wild by the onslaught of not-so-hot-but-really-flavorful spices. Surprisingly, despite all of these essences in the dish, it tastes just right. Just right that you wouldn’t be able to say no to a second serving.


Photo and recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.




Quick Tip:  Serve with green salad.

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