A Mix Of America’s Two Favorite Desserts: Brownie Cookies!

Since I was a little girl I loved cookies. To me a cookie is always the perfect form of dessert and makes for a fun, easy and very transportable dessert. And everyone knows I need dessert so if it can be easily transported, I want it on my list! That’s why cookies have always been my favorite. I can pick one up and run out the door to run errands, sneak a few bites in while in class and even when I’m working I can be munching on it. It really is the best dessert when you’re on the go. That is why I am always on the lookout for new cookie recipe I can take with me anywhere I go!


Now, my husband is not a cookie person at all. He’s a brownie guy. He loves brownies in every way, shape and form. With milk chocolate, dark or white. With you’d like fruit or sprinkles and marshmallows. Whatever type of brownies someone makes, he likes it. Now, I knew I could not make both brownies and cookies all the time, so I had to fuse them together. That is when this recipe came into being. It is a brownie cookie. All the flavors of a brownie in the shape of a cookie. You can’t go wrong with that!

Photo and recipe courtesy of I Heart Eating.




Quick Tip: Sprinkle these with a bit of powdered sugar


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