Hello! Oreos For The Win Over Here!

Ever since I was little I loved biting into an Oreo cookie and getting my teeth all black from them. It was fun and tasty all at the same time. I have often been known to carry around a little pouch of Oreos (whether they are the fun size kind, or just in a zip lock) and eat them as snacks throughout my day. Unhealthy, I know. Delicious, you bet! They are just too good to put them away. I think they are the reason I have not been able to shed a few pounds.


The other day I was at the supermarket and saw Oreos were on sale buy one get one free. I knew I should not eat two packs all on my own, yet I knew I just had to buy them. I could not let that opportunity get away from me! I was going to a party later that night and figured I would take them there…until I thought about making a recipe for them. That’s when I found this: Oreo Cobbler. I had no idea that was even a thing. HOW did I not know that? Oreos have always been my favorite cookie yet I had never eaten them in any other form. I knew I had to give this a try and sure enough, it was a success!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Call Me PMC.




Quick Tip: Add sprinkles and chocolate chips!

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