Broccoli With Cream Will Make Your Kids Eat Their Veggies!

My dad is a doctor. He practices medicine in his own private office and over the years has built quite the clientele of patients. He constantly has business and although it does not seem like it, his biggest work days are the days leading up to Christmas.

It seems people take the days leading up to the holidays off and go out to run their errands and do things such as going to the doctor. Anyhow, these days my dad gets lots of presents from patients. His office becomes a disaster and almost looks like Santa’s workshop because of the amount of presents he gets.

We always go through them and search for which ones will win the awards for best, worst, most awkward, and weirdest gift. Well, one day we found a big gift basket of food. We thought it was strange, but it was actually a basket with a honey baked ham, scalloped potatoes and broccoli rice.

We were most adamant about the broccoli rice, but boy oh boy, that one turned out to be best. It was delicious and super cheesy which made it even better! We knew we had to try this one at home so we gave it a go and were not disappointed.

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Kitchen Is My Playground.




Quick Tip: Use fresh broccoli if you’d like.

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