This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Banana Bread

So a few years ago, my mom had a bunch of bananas that were going back and decided to experiment with a banana bread recipe. She took to the kitchen and stirred and stirred combining similar, but different ingredients until we tried all of ten recipes. We were searching for the best recipe. We found our one, but after that we ate so much banana bread that we were completely saturated and wanted nothing more to do with it.


Fast forward a few months and my neighbor Anne goes through the same thing. Unknowingly to me, she baked over 15 banana breads and then from there, she invited me over. Just the smell of her house was driving me crazy because the smell of bananas was becoming repulsive to me. But not to be rude, I picked from each of them and they were alright, until I ran into the last one. It was amazing! Served with ice cream, it was a banana bread casserole. It was fluffy and light and had a nice crispy crust. It wasn’t so much like a bread, but a cake and wow, was it delicious! I asked her for the recipe, and went straight to the supermarket to pick up those ingredients.

Recipe courtesy of Our Table for Seven. Image courtesy of Taking On Magazines.




Quick Tip: Chopped walnuts go great in this!

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