The Fudgiest Brownie Recipe Ever!

About six months ago, my sister in law send me a wonderful, 5 ingredient Nutella cookie recipe. Now, this girl is just 12 years old and she has some mad cooking skills, but she really does like to find the simple stuff and make over and over again. She repeatedly made these Nutella cookies until we could not eat them anymore. We ate them with ice cream, sliced strawberries, whipped cream, etc. Anything we could get our hands on that just seemed to match, we did and we enjoyed it. The cookies were great and all, but we started getting bored of them. However, we realized that it wasn’t the Nutella we were bored of, it was the cookie!


Fast forward a few months and as sick as we were of these cookies, we wanted something else that was Nutella flavored. So my sister in law came to my house and we tried recipe after recipe, tweaking and editing until we found the perfect solution: Nutella Brownies! They are fudgier than normal brownies because Nutella alone has a fudgy complex. We served it with ice cream, brownies and whipped cream as we did before and discovered that this recipe is even better than the cookies! This one is sure to stay for a very long time!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Buns in my Oven.




Quick Tip: Drizzle Nutella over the top for an added gooeyness.

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