Fluffy Cinnamon Roll Casserole That Is To Die For

In my house, we always had a tradition for Christmas morning breakfast. My mom would make cinnamon rolls while my dad went to a local Cuban bakery and picked up some bread and pastries as well as coffee. We would then, after opening our presents, gather around the table, and enjoy everything family style. We would just lay it out and let everyone pick from what they wanted. It was so fun to be gathered around the table in our pjs just enjoying the long-anticipated day. We loved eating cinnamon rolls that my mom made only once a year for us, on Christmas morning. It was something we truly looked forward to year after year.


Well, have you been looking for that perfect Christmas morning tradition recipe? Look no further, I have it for you here. It is so easy to prepare and it’s a crock pot dish which means you can be opening presents and spending quality time with your family while this is cooking away and preparing it’s delicious gooeyness just for you. Everyone will think you slaved over the kitchen for hours to make this, while you just prepped everything and let the slow cooker do it’s thing. That’s my type of meal!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Recipes that Crock




Quick Tip: Frost these while they’re warm for a gooey topping.

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