A Breakfast Casserole So Good, You’ll Never Go Out For Morning Eats Again

The other day my neighbor Anne ran in through the gate of my patio and slid open my window that I had cracked open to have a little breeze pass through.  She told me that she needed a quick and easy recipe for a breakfast casserole because her mother in law from Omaha was coming to visit and she had no idea what to make.  She was in over her head in preparations and I knew she wasn’t going to be calm enough to put something together so I told her I’d go to the grocery store, pick some stuff up and prepare something.

She’d just have to come back later to pick it up and bake it in the morning. I hopped on Pinterest and started looking for what to make.  I knew I wanted a casserole because that’s the best dish to make when you have company.

It saves you time and allows you to spend more time with your guests.  It really allows for an easy and smooth breakfast process.  Anyway, I had made lots of breakfast casseroles in the past, but I wanted something new.

And then I came across this one.  It has beans and tomatoes and lots of cheese over the top.  It’s a little different than most, but still oh so delicious!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Julia’s Album.




Quick Tip: Add whatever veggies suit your fancy all chopped up before cooking the casserole.



This probably tastes good but it is an absolute nutritional disaster! Assuming it is intended to serve 4, my nutritional software shows it would give each person 1,020 Calories, 56 grams of Protein, 37 grams of Carbs and a massive 69 grams of Fat (of which 26 grams are Saturated Fat). We wonder why there is an obesity epidemic in the U.S. and Canada. Eating food like THIS will do nothing but promote its growth and the deteriorating health of our citizens.

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