Hungry For Italian And Mexican? Try These Mexican Lasagna Rollups!

Sally, my next door neighbor, and I were discussing all of the many ways that lasagna can be prepared. I, of course was rattling off most of the Italian ways. Meanwhile, sally was getting ready to tell me about the Mexican way.

Boy, am I ever glad that she did. Can you believe there is a recipe that combines Italian flair with Mexican cuisine? Who ever would have thought in a million years that the two would mesh together so perfectly!

I love how these are lasagna rollups and not the traditional layered type of casserole. it makes this dish fun for the kids. Mexican lasagna is so simple to make and absolutely delicious to eat. It’s layer after layer of all of the beloved ingredients that makes Mexican food so good.

I served this meal with all the fixings such as sour cream, refried beans, and salsa. I found that this casserole is also very good when scooped up with taco chips. Yum! Now, granted, if you are going to do some scooping you will have to mash your rollups a bit.

I know that sounds sorta gross but trust me, it isn’t! Serve it as an appetizer during a party and watch everyone totally rave about your creation 🙂

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes.





Quick Tip: This canipe cna easily be doubled.

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