“Break Fast” With These Breakfast Burritos With Tomato-Basil Topping

I am a big fan of breakfast foods, especially quick and easy ones. However, I don’t care much for cold cereal. How can anyone take on the day with just cold cereal in their belly?

I know that I sure can’t and neither can my kids and husband. So, what’s a busy mom or dad to do? Why, make these breakfast burritos, of course!

You guys, this recipe is so very simple to follow and these burritos are mobile! Yep, you can wrap them up in foil and take them with you to work or school. How genius is that?

Now, these breakfast burritos are made with a savory tomato-basil topping so if you are going to eat these sans plate just place the topping inside of the burrito. It works out really well and tastes great! There have even been times where I left the topping off and just wrapped these yummy little burritos in foil and took them on the road with us.

It’s less of a mess when you have kids who will be chowing down their breakfast in the family car. Enjoy!

Recipe courtesy of Group Recipes.





Quick Tip: These burritos are perfect to take to the campground or on road trips. Even with the tomato-basil topping, you cna still wrap these yummy little guys up in foil. For less of a mess, place the topping inside of the burrito.

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