Have You Ever Tasted Amish Onion Patties? Wowsa!

This past summer I had the pleasure of tasting Amish onion patties for the first time at a small Amish store near my home. These things tasted so good! I never knew onions could be so flavorful.

It was like eating an onion ring but in patty form. I asked the ladies how they were made and they were gracious enough to give me their recipe. How nice of them!

Since it was summertime, they also had all kinds of produce for sale including a variety of onions called “Sweet Candy.” Now, doesn’t that just sound delicious? I grabbed a few of them up and headed home to make my own Amish onion patties.

I actually attend a Mennonite church so would my Amish onion patties actually be Mennonite onion patties? LOL Whatever you call them just make sure it’s something good because these onion patties are amazing. I think they make a wonderful appetizer or afternoon snack.

My husband enjoys them for lunch from time to time. Now that we are in the hind leg of Fall we don’t have the luxury of getting fresh produce from local food stands but the supermarket onions will do just fine for now. Enjoy!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.



Quick Tip: When I make Amish onion patties I prefer to use sweet onions like the Candy variety.


I place Aluminum in my air fryer basket- then place a few tablespoons of the batter and fletten a bit , spray with cooking spray , cook for 3-6 minutes , flip them , respray with cooking spray and cook again for another 3-4 minutes. or until desired crispness 🙂


I think I like that idea, Joy! I bought a large box of Bisquik at an insane discount but need to use it up! THANKS!

these sound awesome .too bad they have to be fried.but i will be trying them, especially for some of my family who love onions.i tried to post to pinterest to share but says invalid url.my first time on this site so i will be trying a lot of these,they all look so good.TFS

No, it is not healthy. “Ounce for ounce, coconut oil has more saturated fat than butter, beef tallow, or lard. So coconut oil raises LDL cholesterol as much – or more – than animal fats.”

No, it doesn’t. Coconut oil lowers LDL. Did you know that the American Heart Society supports the use of margarine? They have an agenda and that agenda is to deceive you. I’ve personally seen coconut oil work wonders in people’s lives, including my own.

You are incorrect. Coconut oil RAISES LDL, BUT, it also gives a boost to HDL. According to Harvard studies it should be used sparingly until more research has been conducted.

I am not incorrect and I’m living proof of the matter 🙂 Just because Harvard says it is true doesn’t mean that it is. Have a great day, Efawhs!

I don’t agree with you about coconut oil. It is now being used to help treat Alzhimers with wonderful success. I use it all the time and it helps to lower my colesterol ! Somebody gave you wrong or old information !

The juice from the onion makes up for the egg. Same with zucchini when fried this way. Coconut oil has some less of the saturated oils but the calories are about the same. The processing is less for the raw. Most oils are pretty much the same so watch out for anything that says hydrogenated, which is the case for most oils except raw or first cold press.

evaporated milk is perfectly fine in any recipe..for soups or chowders e.g. it makes a richer recipe without using cream or half & half..try it! why on earth would one use sweetened condensed milk?

This sounds wonderful BUT the milk confuses me! You mentioned to use TruMoo milk. TruMoo milk only comes in flavors, most popular being chocolate (verified this with their website) so do you mean use chocolate milk in it?!

TruMoo’s website does not list non-flavored TruMoo milk, so thank you for this. Where do you buy it? And does even the “white cow’s milk” have some sort of sweetener? THANKS!

Does the final product in the picture look as if it was made with chocolate milk?
If you can cook just use common sense.


The Amish community tends to use a lot of sugar in their recipes. if you don’t like sugar don’t put it in the mix 🙂

The sugar brings out the sweetness in the onion but not overbearing. We liked these onion patties and I will make this again.

I’ve had a few (very few), criticize my home made cornbread…I always use yellow cornmeal, I always put a little sugar in it, always use bacon grease and always use a cast iron pan…it’s the way I was taught. It’s the sugar that I’ve been “fussed” at about. It’s the way my family has always made it! So, like you said to “Jane” – if someone doesn’t want it, then they don’t have to put it in!

Allice, I agree. All I see is someone always asking if they can leave out this or they shouldn’t add that or some stupid excuse for just wanting to say something ! If you don’t want sugar don’t use it, if you don’t like to use bacon grease don’t use it use something else. I love bacon grease. People you can make any of these recipes your own but don’t criticize until you’ve tried it. Shees nobody is making you do anything here. To me it is like asking if I don’t have a iron skillet can I use a regular skillet ? Well, what do you think ?

You can always leave out sugar and try it as the amount of sugar is not going to effect the overall recipe that much. If you decide to try sweetener, do not use nutra sweet . It is not stable in heat and chemically turns to things you don’t want to know about like wood alcohol and formeldahide at body temperature. Do not use when heat is applied. Try something natural like Stevia or something else. Nutra Sweet will give you migrain headaches and more so don’t use it. I’ve been there and done that and will never go back there again.

I wouldn’t worry about all caps. Sometimes we hit the caps lock while typing and when we figure it out it seems like too much trouble to go back and do it all over again. Not really a big deal.

Oh my goodness, Danette, I’m sure Jane is not being “hostile” as you put it. Please don’t be so quick to attack. Some people type in caps for different reasons, i.e.poor vision or they just plain like caps. I never get upset when I see caps. To each their own so please, lighten up and don’t bully Jane

get a grip…it’s a recipe…when you make one you can put whatever you want in it…and why all caps? you find it that offensive?

OMGsh ! If you don’t see potato in the recipe then it isn’t called for. Forget the potato and leave out the cornmeal if you don’t want it. Really ? You don’t see potato ? I wonder why ? Maybe because it doesn’t call for potato. These are onion patties not potato patties. Do people just look at the picture and think they look like such and such and then go on to the recipe and wonder why the ingredient they were thinking of isn’t there ! They are called onion Patties !

Because it is entirely NOT a potato pancake, Jane! Sugar lends a beautiful balance to the savory here with the onions and the corn meal. If you have it all figured out then move on with your all caps…go find a real world problem to solve. It’s just a recipe, geez.

They use very little sugar when you make onion rings some people use ice cream to dip in like Sonic..Or eggnog,which I do gives that little bit of more flavor if the onions are a little spicy..
Executive Chef M..

Sugar helps with the browning, that’s why a lot of cornbread recipes have it, for example…I don’t think it’s enough sugar anyway where it’s actually going to taste “sweet”, maybe it just brings out the sweet onion taste.

Why not sugar? If you don’t want sugar, leave it out. I like a bit of sugar in my cornbread, so it’s just a matter of taste for the individual. I can’t wait to make these.

Sugar helps caramelize the onions and enhance the flavor. Anytime you saute onions add a little sugar they come out great.

I will try with and without sugar. I’m just so excited. I love onion rings, but can’t have them because most of the onion is still raw and hurt my stomach so badly. This way, the onion should completely cook up and I woll finally be able to enjoy them. Cooked onions don’t bother me.

Evelyn – if the onions in this recipe don’t cook enough for your needs, you could fry them in pan just to soften them a bit, then add to batter as directed. The end result may be changed a bit, but the onions may be better suited to your needs. I’m sure the resulting taste would still be similar.

My mom used to make them with left over mashed potatoes as well! I’ve asked all aunts & uncles, cousins, etc for their recipe. None are the same as my mums! Would love if you would share this if you ever get a response.
Thank you so much! Can’t wait to hear back.

My guess, since it’s a small amount, is to help with browning/carmelization, and bring out the sweetness in the onion….

So…. good for you. Use your own recipe then. If that’s how they make it, that’s how they make it. Maybe try it, before you question it. Maybe you should post some of YOUR recipes on here, so we can question and change them too, because that’s not how “WE” do it. Boy, some people.

This is just plain crazy. Some women will argue with a mud fence. If you like the recipe like it is make it; if you do not don’t make it or change whatever you want. Women can be so bitchy over nothing.


Well some people have to limit sugar intake and if it’s not necessary for the recipe to turn out . I don’t think her inquiry was rude at all but your response was .

Bonaventure- All caps is the internet equivalent of shouting, so “Jane” shouted at the person who posted this. They also used excessive punctuation, another indicator of an abnormal conversational tone. Had “Jane” used regular lettering and simple punctuation indicating a question it’d have been well received I’m sure, however instead the post came across as aggressive and overly critical -which is, indeed, quite rude. The above from Cathi was simply responding in kind (so deliberately rude in return, to make a point).

You’re assuming she understands that all CAPS means yelling. I know a number of people who are new to computers and the internet who aren’t aware of this and use Capital letter because they are easier to see. Please be nice. She asked a valid question and doesn’t deserve abuse.

Sugar makes them brown better and also makes them crispier……I do this when I just fry potatoes. Don’t over do and they are not sweet.

Because this is obviously a different recipe than you use. No need to be rude – either pass on the recipe, or omit the parts you don’t like.

This receipe is absolutely perfect. Any of the specified kinds of ingredients (Domino Sugar, etc) you can use whatever type of sugar or milk you normally use. My husband hates raw onions and he can’t get enough of these. I make them instead of cornbread. I use Peanut Oil to fry mine. We just love them. Made them twice this week!!!

Just finished making this recipe. These are AWESOME!! Because I strive for all organic, dairy-free foods, I was happy that I could convert all the ingredients to organic. I also substituted the cow’s milk for coconut milk, and fried the patties in organic coconut oil. I added the sugar, but not sure if it made a different in the taste, since the coconut milk and coconut oil have a sweetness of their own. I added the sale, but also added Benoit’s No Salt All Purpose Seasoning — to add a little Cajun to the onion. At the end, I totally love this recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.
One more comment, I’m single, so ended up with 12 good-sized patties. Gobbled up three real fast. Decided these patties will reheat nicely in the oven at about 350 degrees — and will retain their crispiness. Finally, wouldn’t one of these patties make a nice topping to a hamburger, instead of raw onions? I think it would be delicious!

Maxine – I liked that you experimented and then told how the outcome was. I would also add a bit more seasoning maybe small amt. red pepper flaked and some minced garlic. Nice idea about using as hamburger topping. You know for those above that were offended about caps. So mean! Susan

Maxine , Thanks for responding without the negative and for knowing you can make a recipe your own just by imagination. Seeing your response was great. Refreshing to see someone that can use common sense for a change !

These look and sound delicious! I will saving this recipe to my “Must try!” file. Living in Texas and having been raised by a southern born & raised grandmother, I’m not concerned about the single tablespoon of sugar called for in this recipe…my granny often added a “large pinch” of sugar to things like this. I do the same, finding that it’s often just what a recipe needs to take it from good to very good…like salt, a little sugar often rounds out, enhances and completes the flavor profile of many foods.

My grandmother did the same with sugar. She also said that every recipe needs a little vinegar. Nothing she cooked was ever leftover!

Chinese cuisine always has salt AND sugar in most dishes. Sweet and sour, etc. Yin and Yang, if you like. More complex taste profiles are always better, imo.

Just a brand name. Usually when people post the brand names of things they are using in a recipe it means they are getting reimbursed by the particular company in some way or other. They are advertising for that company basically.

It’s at the top of this page. If you can’t find it, search for reciperoost.com – then do a recipe search for ever-tasted-amish-onion-patties

My mother made these for years, and I used to make them for my kids when they were younger. Funny thing is she’s Puerto Rican and we’ve never lived anywhere near Amish or Mennonite’s. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll have to throw some together again one of these days. Happy New Year! Stay blessed. =)

Why all the brand name dropping? Is the author getting kickbacks or does she really believe those products are superior?

The recipe doesn’t call for self raising so the answer is no and in the recipe it says to chop the onions. I think you need to pay closer attention to what you are reading, it is all there !

The sugar probably Carmelizes in the batter mix and adds a bit of crunch. Commercial fries sometimes have a bit of sugar in the sprayed. Anti oxidation solutions.

Sugar will help the onion to be more caramelized and sweeter. Most people don’t like the strong onion flavor but the sugar will calm that down.

I agree with Elizabeth. I’ve lived in NC all my life. I was taught to cook by my great aunt. She cooked all her life on a wood cook stove. Refused an electric stove. Some of the most amazing dishes went on her table. She always put a “large pinch” of sugar in almost everything she cooked. I’ve cooked without the sugar, and my kids would say “Mom, something is missing from the string beans”

My Mom made this all the time but we called them potatoe pancakes use left over potatoes add egg,onion and fry them, They were the best !

My mother made potato cakes from leftover mashed potatoes, she only put flour, egg, salt and pepper and fried them. We loved them with mustard for breakfast.


I made these yesterday for my client (home cna) and they were awesome! she ate a bunch and so did I! so light and crisp! All we needed was Ranch dip! haha. Highly recommend!

We like certain brands 🙂 Don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you if you decide to use a brand that you like. Have a great day, Phyl!

Just wondering (since it has been mentioned several times above) – do you use the brand names ONLY because you like certain brands, or do you also get compensation for doing it? It doesn’t make any difference, really, but if I’m giving someone a recipe, I don’t use brand names (unless I’ve tried using a certain brand & it doesn’t work, then I’d advise against using that brand.) I just like to see full disclosure.

Excellent, question! Some of the brand names I do personally enjoy, such as Dukes Mayo and McCormick spices. Other times, I just include them as ideas for others. For a long time, people kept asking me what brand they should use and would get really irate that I didn’t include the brands…now that I include the brands, people are still irate LOL A girl can’t win 🙂 No, I do not get paid for naming the brands, however, if I use a recipe from McCormick, for example, I’d make sure to use that brand in the recipe as a courtesy. When folks get paid for using brand names they will have every single name linked to the brand website 🙂 Have a great day and I appreciate your question and comments!

This recipe sounded so delicious!! I am a very experienced cook and I just finished making these. This recipe calls for WAY too much milk. My batter was very thin. Have you had other complaints about this?

I made these yesterday and I also used sweet onion. I only made 1/2 the recipe because I live alone, but they were wonderful. I loved them and nibbled the left overs all day until they were gone. Will definitely make them again.

“A little sugar to something savory, A little salt to something sweet” This is a classic cooking rule of thumb! This sounds delicious and can’t wait to try it myself! Thanks for the recipe!

saw this today on facebook and decided to make it……well…..next time I will have to make a double batch …they were so delicious!!!!..even the 21 month old ate 3 and wanted more….had with ranch dressing as a dip….I loved the crispy batter and it started me thinking that I could probably use this batter for veggies or chicken nuggets…etc…this is a definite keeper

Why do you go to work? Oh, wait, you want to get paid! 🙂 Feel free to use any type of brand that you would like. Thanks for the lovely comment, Donnie T!

I’m paid to do nothing and I use brand name stuff…I’ve tried store brands on many things; I LIKE the brand name stuff better. It’s a choice we all have in this country and each of us get to make our own mind up. I’m sure the brand names were originally listed in the recipe because the nice Amish lady gave it to her with exactly the ingredients they used.

TruMoo milk? When I look that up online they only have chocolate or strawberry. Am I to assume that you should use regular white milk?

I like the idea of using onion slices, rather than pulled apart into rings. I also like battered and fried jalapeno rings–at Patsy’s Cafe on Ben White Blvd. in Austin they call them “Bottle Caps.” Yum.

YUMMY!!! I have an Amish cookbook and I made several things out of it for my family. They loved them. I love the simplicity of it. I am a fan for life! These sound so STINKIN GOOD!!

In all honesty I don’t think this is an authentic Amish recipe as much as it sounds really good I am going to make some, the Amish would not use TrueMoo milk. Why would they when they have their own cows with their own milk. Just saying.

haha..the whole does not sound very Amish when it is asking for all these ingredients that name brands. I am sure it has an Amish feel about it.

I live right smack dab in the center of Amish Country Pennsylvania and I assure you, the use name brands, bulk brands for stores like Costco, and they also sell said brand sin their stores. 🙂

Sugar enhances the natural sweetness of the onions. And sugar will soften the acidity of dishes using anned tomatoes. Very little is needed, literally what you can pinch between finger and thumb, will do the trick for a large can of tomatoes. (I got this tip from my first boss, an old diner cook.)

I make hush puppies to go with fish. I just make cornbread recipe which has sugar in it making it thicker than usual and cut up onions in it and fry them by Spoon full.
I use my mom’s recipe for cooking pinto beans, and she always added a little bit of sugar to them it really added something.
We were a family of eight children and had pinto beans every night along with some kind of potatoes and sometimes meet. We grew up very healthy. Just wanted to share.

I make something similar but only cornmeal milk and egg with onions of course they are amazing melt in your mouth good .. Taste is similar to a onion ring or a hushpuppy.. Yummy.. they are so good..

It’s not like amish ladies to use anything but fresh milk. That being said, I do believe this will be a new family favorite!

Surprise but not all Amish live on that kind of farm today. They make use of the grocery stores and certain brand names too. Some have farms , some have woodworking businesses, some have horese farms and so on. I was on a Amish place a few years ago that only raised a few chickens and made the most wonderful furniture and baskets and quilts. They are very versatile and some today even drive cars !!! Surprised me ! Above all, they are the most friendly people you ever want to meet !

I can hardly wait to try these: they look great. But the specificity of the ingredients baffles me. Clabber Girl baking powder is a regional brand. In our area, the same company sells Davis Baking Powder, and in other regions they sell it under several other names. And TrooMoo is a silly product that claims “no hormones,” (all milk contains hormones) and no “GMOs.” GMO is a breeding process, not an ingredient. Milk is milk.

When they say no GMO, they are talking about the feed used for the cows. The problem with GMO is (can) be the pesticides used to raise the grain they feed. Saying milk is milk is like saying pancakes are pancakes or cooking is cooking. We know there are differences and some are better. But generically Troo Moo is just milk so what you get “works” but may not work best. Probably the bigger deal is what percentage milk fat the milk contains.

The use of brand names in these recipes is a distraction … or do you get paid for it? (If so, good for you.)

I did notice that this recipe calls for “TruMoo” milk, which the Baked Corn Casserole that was “sponsored” on my FB feed a few minutes earlier, specified “McArthur” milk. I’ve never heard of either brand, BTW. 🙂

I followed the recipe as written even the sugar and they were delicious
It was the first but wont be the last time I make them . Try them don’t
be afraid. I bet your family would love them and if you did not tell them
they were onion the kids would love them also .

Whenever I try recipe, even if some of the ingredients sound “off”, I make it as written the first time to see if my perceptions were correct or not. If I don’t care for a particular ingredient or if it is tasting too “somethingy” or not enough, I make note of it on the recipe, then try it again my way.

We should eat no more than 26 grams of added sugar a day. I don’t count sugar noted in fruit juices and other foods that have no sugar added. Do not use HFC or sugar alternatives.

Jane, get over yourself. If you don’t want the measly one tablespoon of sugar, don’t use it. Otherwise, hush up.

I didn’t see any eggs in this recipe. Don’t you need them to bind it ? It looks like it would be delicious !

The milk and flour would bind well enough – if you don’t make the batter too thin…they might be more cakey and doughy with eggs, instead of light and crispy…but, every recipe is up for changing!

I think it is a combo of milk with cornmeal . You could probably use a pancake recipe and add onions. I add the onions to potato pancakes. But if it is not grated they don’t cook. So it might also have something to do with cooking time.

If you don’t see it in the recipe then it isn’t in the recipe. Make it as written and if you don’t like it then change it to suit yourself. The use of brand names is only a personal preferance so use what you always use. The term Moos milk threw me at first too but then I read someone that said it was just a brand name so I knew I could use my favorite brand. Not a problem !

I don’t use flour anymore, actually no more gluten if I can help it! I also use eggs, because eggs are very good for you. My mom used to make something like this, and she make different kinds, even latkes!

Do they not need eggs? Not trying to be smart but I just never saw any veggie patties made without an egg. Otherwise they sound and look delicious.

I made these tonight and they were out of this world tasty. I’ve always loved onion rings and have a great recipe, but it requires deep frying. For two old folks, we ate more than half of them. I did use the sugar, but will put less next time as I don’t know if it’s really needed. Can’t wait for the kids to try these when they visit. Thanks.

My mom has made a variation of this for years; she used leftover mashed potatoes instead of flour and cornmeal and reduced the amount of milk to bind the patties.

What your mom made were potato cakes not onion patties. Both are great and the potato cakes are really great for any meal especially breakfast with over easy eggs ! Oh I can taste them now ! lol !

I made them for lunch today & was VERY disappointed.
When I had the full 1/2 inch of oil, they didn’t cook/brown properly — just kinda sat there & absorbed the oil. Then I poured most of it off and they still didn’t cook right. The flavor was great! I did have to add about 1/2 cup more flour than called for. The onions were VERY watery….wonder if that was the reason they didn’t cook right?

MarDee McDougal, What happened is you did not have your oil hot enough. That is a mistake that a lot of people make. When frying always preheat your grease and make sure it is good and hot otherwise the food absorbs the grease. Too many people try to fry on to low a heat and never get the proper result. Also so don’t be one of those people that turn and turn their food when it is frying. You loose all your coating that way. When you have your oil at the right temp. for your recipe then put your food in and allow it to cook until it is golden on the bottom or as you can see it from looking down on it , then turn it and continue to cook on the other side. You may have to invest in a thermometer to tell you what the temp. of your oil is before you add your food . As for adding more flour to a recipe , sometimes we have to do that because the humidity in the air will effect the product. Temperature and humidity will effect your cooking some times. That is why sometime a recipe will tell you to use eggs that are at room temperature. Eggs are sometimes used as a raising ingred. in some recipes. Also some people keep their flour in their freezer or refrigerator because of bug problems, so they need to allow their flour to come to room temp. before using. Hope this helps you !

So… basically a flapjack (Cornmeal Pancake) with double-the-volume of chunky sweet onion thrown in.
And who knew the Amish were so into brand names! LOL ‘reminds me of the “daughter from Cornell” advert.

Stormi, Where do you get it is a cornmeal pancake, with onions when there is only 1 Tbsp. of cornmeal used ? That small amount is usually used to help with the crisping only. Not enough for a cornmeal pancake. For 2 1/2 cups of chopped onion the 3/4 cup flour is used as a binding more so than a batter. Pancake batter is far more runny so if your product is runny you have used too much liquid to flour. Either add more flour or less milk.


What gets printed is up to you. smh..YOU control what is printed. You are the stupid one for not knowing how to use a printer and the program on your computer for printing

When I hit the print button and the print screen came up it told me it was going to print 33 pages. So instead of leaving it to print “all” I told it to print page 1. Maybe you should reconsider calling people dumb idiots and pay closer attention yourself. The rudeness in these comments are unbelievable!

I am sorry to say that I will NOT eat any thing that is made in am Amish home .. living near them .. I have learned that they are not the cleanest people.. you do not know what goes on the their kitchens . they do not have electricity… only well water . who know what kind of bugs are in their flour . I see them in the local stores and they are smelly. the kids are barefoot . And their finger nails are gross. I can not eat any bake goods that they make … thinking of those dirty fingers . I am sure the recipes are great .

Sad attitude… My printer tells me how many pages before printing & allows me to set what I want. I also copy & paste to Word Pad as many things have been known to print everything.

Has anyone tried these in a waffle iron? They sound delicious; I am going to try them in my waffle iron; no oil and they will still brown and crisp.

As usual… it’s ALWAYS HILARIOUS to read comments that others from the human race has to say about what or how someone else spell words, type words , speak words & etc.. Back when I went to school, and I know it’s no different now… using ALL caps never EVERRRR meant someone was shouting!!!!!
Maybe, just MAYBEEEE…. the woman has vision problems?? WHY does it matter enough to make a rude comment on such mediocre stuff such as THIS??????

All these perfect people… you’d think the world would be a much better place to live in!!! Bahahaaa
((THAT was SARCASM, btw.. ?))

C. West, I agree ! We all seem to be or get so up tight now day over little things and I hate to admit it but from time to time I am the same way. Must be a sign of the times !

The comments are hilarious. I liked the one about using Tru Moo chocolate milk, but they all good. BTW, it is not necessarily true that eggs are good for you. And you should try Rumford Baking powder. It does not have aluminum in it. Do all your recipes elicit this much comedy?

I made these earlier and they were good. But, do yourself a favor and don’t use all that grease to fry them in. Get yourself a nonstick pan and use cooking spray. Make sure to eat them hot. I made a blooming onion dipping sauce…copycat. Just search for it and you will find it. Pretty much the same ingredients from the majority of sites. You might try using yellow onions instead of sweet onions though. I wish I had. Onions get sweet no matter the type when you cook them and these needed a little something. I didn’t put black pepper in them and that could have been it. My next batch will be spiced up! I just about forgot… if you chop your onions in a processor they will have more liquid in them and you’ll need to adjust your milk. Use less. You want the batter thick, not runny. And again, please don’t use all the oil this recipe calls for. So unnecessary. I can’t wait to try these again. They were the only thing I ate and I have three left! They will be gone before the nights out! Good luck!

I made these earlier and they were good. But, do yourself a favor and don’t use all that grease to fry them in. Get yourself a nonstick pan and use cooking spray. Make sure to eat them hot. I made a blooming onion dipping sauce…copycat. Just search for it and you will find it. Pretty much the same ingredients from the majority of sites. You might try using yellow onions instead of sweet onions though. I wish I had. Onions get sweet no matter the type when you cook them and these needed a little something. I didn’t put black pepper in them and that could have been it. My next batch will be spiced up! I just about forgot… if you chop your onions in a processor they will have more liquid in them and you’ll need to adjust your milk. Use less. You want the batter thick, not runny. And again, please don’t use all the oil this recipe calls for. So unnecessary. I can’t wait to try these again. They were the only thing I ate and I have three left! They will be gone before the nights out! Good luck!

I wish people would specify what flour to use instead of always just saying flour. There is so many kinds, and when I see just flour, my first thought is always What Kind?!?

Any time a recipe just says flour it is referring to all purpose flour. What brand, bleached, unbleached are your choice. It does not mean self rising flour…it would specify that.

Michelle Brandy, In recipes they always say what kind of flour to use but you need to know about this yourself and a lot of people don’t. If it just says flour it means all purpose flour, otherwise it will say self raising flour, or maybe cake flour, or whole wheat, or grahm flour or rye etc. Just remember, if it only says flour it means all purpose flour !

Why on earth would you use brand names for all the ingredients? Are you getting a kick back? Would have not had so much confusion regarding the Tru Moo milk if you had just said milk.

Instead of all purpose if you use self rising you can skip the baking powder and some of the salt.
Recipes that call for a pinch or so of salt and baking powder you can leave out in favor of self rising

I’ve made these several times now as written. I have used a bit less sugar and I’ve done them with yellow onions and the last time with Vidalia. Both onions were great. I made a double batch when the kids were visiting and they thought they tasted just like onion rings. It’s a great recipe, but I really hate all the criticism people seem to think is acceptable. If you don’t like the ingredients, do what you want. I have to restrict sugar, but how does a scant tablespoon for the whole recipe cause harm? And Bisquick doesn’t have the leavening power these babies need. Look forward to more great things to try.

When I post a recipe bc I have a recipe site, I try to not include name brands so people do not think they can’t use regular milk vs this saying tru moo which has caused many posts about using choc milk lol. Also stating clabber girl baking powder which any brand of baking powder will work. Some people read things very literal where others don’t and know it doesn’t mean you must use this or that name brand. Also the same questions repeated over and over because people do not read the previous comments. People tend to get very hostile over small things. Lets remember we are all different and our brains work different. This makes us individuals. Kindness and patience goes a long way in this life. Great recipe…I grew up on one very similar….great with brothy soups. ?

Even tapping on the photo, I still can’t pin this recipe. I just get the error message from Pinterest. Anyone else know how I can pin it? Sounds delicious! And I have been cracking up reading all the comments…..that people actuakly think they have to go out and buy a specific brand of milk or baking powder! What happened to using common sense? Milk is milk and baking powder is baking powder!

I’m sure they are delicious, but… Sugar? Why? Greasy and fried? Love that stuff but bake just about anything that was previously fried if possible. Don’t think it would be possible with this recipe. Otherwise I don’t eat it because it’s just Unhealthy! I don’t see these as being ‘bake-able’. But the big question is… why all the name brands on the list of ingredients? I don’t use any of those brands… most I use are better, and probably cheaper. And if I’m gonna fry onions, I’ll stick to my beer batter onion rings… any brand of beer, any brand of flour (even whole wheat – I like Trader Joe’s white whole wheat flour).

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There is sugar and grease in this recipe because, well, that’s the recipe. If you’d like to modify it to fit your healthy lifestyle then by all means, have at it 🙂 Our name brands are there as a suggestion. You are under no obligation to use them. We would never email you, Janet. We do not ask for nor do we retain email addresses. Have a wonderful day!

Janet M, I guess you can add sugar or not it is up to you but one thing I learned a long time ago and it was confirmed by Emeral Lagassy is , if you are going to fry anything you must get your oil or what ever fat you are using hot first. It must be hot enough to sear the food as soon as you put it in the pan otherwise the food absorbs all the grease and the food tastes greasy and it is not very good for you. Also you can use less fat or a spray or even a coated pan made so you can fry without grease. I do not see why these could not be baked .

I’m jumping for joy that there is no egg! I grew up with potato cakes and corn fritters (Mennonite here too!) and loved them….but the recipes call for egg. I developed an egg allergy in adulthood (go figure).
I imagined that this recipe would also include egg, so I am thrilled to find that it does not!!!

OMG YOU ARE ALL NUT’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me an old fashion potato pancake with lot’s of grease and leave me out of this

Thank you! I enjoyed this so much I gobbled 5 five with my meal. I used gluten free flour & one teaspoon of salt and fried in non stick pan and added 1 teaspoon cooking oil. This was awesome!! Thanks again

Gene Fleck II Your problem may have been that the onions used were more juicy than others. I’ve had some that dripped enough juice to almost be called an orange ! lol ! It was good that you used common sense and made adjustments. Good going.

I have to say, Thank God I’m not a woman because you girls Kill Me. I sat back and read the whole bunch of comments and it’s a comedy. Nit pick this and that. Caps being rude? OMG you are so funny, I have actually enjoyed this. Congrats on the first comedy recipe blog.

So, so good. So happy I made these. It was simple and delicious. I took a frozen homemade soup out of the freezer now and added a couple brocolli spears. I let it heat on the stove while I did the patties. How delicious, simple and economical. Served this to my elderly mother and she was very pleased. I will certainly be doing this recipe often because I love onion and these patties can accompany anything you will serve just about.

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