Has The Fall Weather Chilled You To The Bone Yet? Make Spicy Tortilla Soup!

I’ve gotten tortilla soup out to dinner or lunch before from some of my favorite restaurants but never made it myself. It is by far one of my favorites so I had no issues with the work involved in making this authentic dish. I love all the additions and I, of course, added some of my own because that is the whole idea isn’t it? Yes!

I also like to serve this soup with tortilla corn chips because they are perfect for dunking and scooping into the mixture. My kids were all about this soup. The mashed tomato wasn’t on my agenda, my kids don’t like anything chunky so I just used pureed tomatoes.

It worked fine! In addition to the tortilla strips on top we had sour cream, chopped green onion, chopped cilantro, shredded cheddar cheese, and I personally used some jalapeno. They had fun topping their soup just the way they wanted.

What a great hearty and flavorful meal! This is one for the books my friends! Each member of the family had THREE bowls!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Group Recipes.



Quick Tip: This soup keeps very well in the freezer, then just pull it out and microwave it for a quick lunch or dinner. I like to top mine with fresh avocado!

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