Million Dollar Chicken – It’s Worth Every Taste Bud

In just 7 ingredients, you can have a chicken dinner so good it’ll make your head spin. Seriously, this million dollar chicken is truly a winner. Kinda like winner, winner chicken dinner! LOL!

I made this the other night for my family and they gobbled it up like hungry little turkeys. Now, wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Turkeys eating chickens.

Hmmm, sounds like it is straight from a horror movie. Okay, now that I’ve got some very graphic imagery in your head, let’s get down to business with this chicken, shall we? Million dollar chicken is very simple to make.

It requires minimal ingredients and time. You would think with a name like “Million Dollar Chicken” you’d be spending countless hours slaving in the kitchen with very expensive ingredients. Nope.

That’s not the case in the least. This is a perfect weeknight meal that pairs well with a variety of side dishes like mashed potatoes, green beans, or anything else you’d like to cook up.

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Quick Tip: This recipe calls for cooking the chicken in the oven but you could toss everything into the slow cooker if you really wanted too.


I made my own mango chutney from a utube recipe. Chicken came out good and served it with seasoned rice

It sounds wonderful, but can you tell us which brand of chutney you use? There are many, many different variations and I want to make sure I get the correct flavors!

I would like to know that also. I have never had any kind of it. I have every thing but that to make it. I think I will omitt it and put extra preserves in it.

No do not substitute mango salsa. Make you own if it isn’t available . Buy sliced mango, cut in small pcs., red onion, avocado , red bell pepper and cilantro . Chop all veggies fine squeeze lime juice on top. Mango is a bother to clean is why I said buy it sliced. I don’t measure any of the ingredients , I just t everything like I I do for any salsa. Mince the cilantro .!!!

Yes use it. Why not? It should taste quite good. That is what being s true cook is all about…experimenting with ingredients.

Exactly, everyone keeps asking what kind of chutney: MANGO. I got frustrated just reading the same questions over and over again. Any brand of mango chutney will do!

Then pick the one that has ingredients in it that you like, onions, bell peppers etc. It’s a recipe, not a science project for Pete’s sake!

The original posting didn’t indicate mango, Cat. That’s was the mystery. Did you really think all these people were dumb and you’re the only person who could read?

Exactly, I finally decided to make this after printing it out and it did not say mango chutney. So I had to look up other recipes and they listed mango. This recipe is the one I printed out months ago and I see now they have added mango.

I can’t find Chutney. Can I use salsa and the apricot preserves. I looked for a substitute and it said mango salsa, well can’t find that neither. How disappointing.

I used the mango salsa along with the apricot preserved and it was delicious.
Served it over wild rice with a side of fresh green beans.

I was just thinking the same thing. Saying “chutney” is like saying “sauce.” It’s completely non-descriptive and would drastically change the flavor of the dish depending on what you used, since 125 ml is roughly a half a cup.

there may be more kinds these days because of the explosion of gourmet options, but try basic “major grey’s” – that’s usually the kind meant in these recipes.

Russian salad,dressing, onion soup mix, mayo & apricot preserves… Called ” not the same old chicken” can find all over the Internet. Just google for it. Delish. Serve mine with rice

I used only 1/2 of apricot preserves and it was still so sweet I couldn’t eat it but no one ever posts a comment suggesting using less . The combo of Russian dressing and preserves (jelly) put me in sugar shock! Does anyone else feel the same way?

This is late, but the traditional chutney used in the past was Major Grey’s Chutney; from India under the British Rajh. Chutney is any preparation of fruit(s) made with specific spices and other ingredients. ‘Ja ever hear of using the web when you seek an answer for something? What a concept!

I don’t have kraft mayo, can I use Hellmann? Gwaaaad I cannot believe the questions ppl are asking. If you found this site you certainly can find a dictionary to answer all your “what is” questions

Uncovered. At 375, for 60 min. In my oven, the tops browned nicely. You do NOT have to brown before putting the raw chicken of any brand and any cut into the pan. You may use the mayo of your choice. ( I have one daughter who doesn’t like mayo and I made I piece in a separate dish using sour cream and a tablespoon of butter with the other ingredients in lesser amounts) it was still good. You could also use half and half and yogurt I would think. Other than my mayo- hating child, I went by the recipe for the rest of the family’s dinner using mango chutney and apricot preserves (store was out of jam). Served with green beans, butter beans, rice, corn soufflé, rolls and fresh fruit compote. Everyone raved. Will definitely be one of my go-to chicken recipes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally, someone wrote an intelligent comment describing their experience cooking and eating this dish. It sounds kind of weird to me, but after reading your review, maybe I’ll give it a try.

Judging by how long it must be baked, probably not pre-seared – looks like it got browned from being in the oven uncovered.

I made this last night & used skinless, boneless chicken breasts. It turned out perfectly. As for the chutney, it really doesn’t matter. A fruit one works great. Make sure you don’t cover the dish when it is baking, as the chicken will brown and look just like the photo. I also cooked mine for 65 minutes. It has a different flavor, one I couldn’t really name but it was very good. I will make this dish again.

I just made it with bone-in chicken breasts….yes skinless chicken breasts will work too. I tasted the sauce (and I followed the recipe exactly) and it sure didn’t taste good…not even 2 dollar chicken….but we will see once it cooks.

I would think so. I don’t like them because they’re so dry. But this sauce would tend to mitigate that dryness. I used thighs. Yummy.

Yes they worked well. I didn’t like the mayo (I’d use plain yogurt or coconut milk next time), really strong mayo flavor. I also didn’t like the beefy onion soup flavor with chicken. Would use chicken broth and a chopped sautéed onion next time instead of water and dry onion soup mix. I used boneless chicken breasts and thighs, 375 for an hour, very tender.

Where on earth do i buy Mango Chutney? I HATE mangoes. Will have to find a different kind of chutney, like apricot… Also, Linda–i think i’m gonna follow your ingredients, lol…i don’t care for mayo (not in a dish like this, anyway), and chicken broth sounds MUCH better than beef. Thanks for the tip, Linda! 🙂

why do people have to make everything so complicated… ..READ THE RECIPE THEN RE READ IT… The recipe calls for MANGO USE MANGO… ANY BRAND,,,, but try mango first…unless your allergic then DO NOT USE MANGO. ASK , YOUR FRIENDS what their brand of choice is… taste it at their house DON”T LIKE IT ??? don’t use mango..
Well Lets see will boneless skinless chicken breasts work??? the world may never KNOW>>>of course they will work.. The way I see it NO WHERE DOES IT SAY in the aforementioned recipe , that you will be bitten by 1,000 mosquitoes, drive your car off into a ravine, be cursed for 8 years and all of your eyelashes fall out … if you do not use whole chicken breasts… But hey if you think that is what they meant please do not risk it and use the skin on bone on chicken pieces…

Why Tyson chicken? Are you promoting this company? The company that killed a river from throwing chicken parts in it…………

Thanks for the info, I wanted to know too, but it’s all the ugly comments, I decide to just go to the store no look for it. Lol…

I have a much easier version.
1 packet onion soup mix
1 bottle French salad dressing (small bottle)
1 jar grape jelly (small jar)

Mix all together. Pour over chicken and bake @350 for 1 hour. To brown top put under broiler for a few minutes, at end.

I don’t know why Ingredients are give with brand names. Just call out the product and the quantity. Won’t perdue chicken work’ how about Cains Mayo.

Need ideas about 2 substitutes: I don’t have or buy chutney would have to omit entirely, and second, I only use Smuckers in red raspberry or cherry–will that change the outcome much (instead of apricot jam)??

A couple of notes:
10 mls does not equal a Tablespoon. That would take about 15 mls.
That’s probably too much water if you don’t want the sauce too runny. I just used a splash.
This dish was surprisingly good. The sauce ingredients melded perfectly so that you couldn’t taste any of the individual parts. Very nice. I will make this again.

I was wondering why the ingredients were primarily listed in metric. The author must be from outside the US.

I had no chutney at all. I used a ginger orange glaze that was sort of chunky. It was wonderful. I used all other ingredients as specified.

We liked it enough. Having said that, I would do a few things differently next time. This recipe is making the rounds on FB and it appears to use all Kraft products, but it could be so much better using the right stuff. Here’s my substitutions for the next time – instead of mayo, use plain yogurt, or coconut milk, maybe even half & half. Use a cup of mango chutney instead of half cup (which I did the first time actually). Use Apricot preserves instead of apricot jam (I also did that the first time) so it’s chunky. Use dijon instead of yellow mustard. Use chicken broth instead of water. And use one chopped onion, sauteed, instead of Lipton onion soup mix. I was not keen on the beefy flavor it imparted – although not bad, it would have been much better as fresh sauteed onion with chicken broth. So bottom line – this was more like “Hundred Dollar Chicken”, although very tender and flavorful, and sauce was great on the rice, the ingredient choices could be improved upon. Hmmm…. coconut milk, onions and a little curry powder….. better than mayo and dry onion soup mix!

I like your substitutions which seasoned cooks know to do. I think this recipe is made for newer cooks. Great jumping off point. thank you for the hints!

I’m trying this great looking recipe tomorrow but want to have people note that the degree of the oven in Farenheit being stated as between 320-360 is way too wide of a margin. 160C equals 320 so the best setting in an oven in North America would be 325 degrees. 🙂

Why TYSON chicken????? Doesn’t make sense to me. What does that mean, precooked? or just uncooked chicken. I try not to buy prepackaged food…

I made the recipe exactly as stated, and it was SCRUMPTIOUS!!!!!!! I’ll make it again with boneless chicken portions so I can use a knife and fork. Totally awesome results!!!

What a bizarre mishmash of flavors: mayonnaise has a strong flavor of its own, chutney is strongly flavored, yellow American mustard has a sharp, metallic taste that’s far from pleasant, and onion soup mix is built around the flavor of beef broth. This is a bunch of ingredients thrown together at random and sounds repulsive. And any dish that relies on a series of prepared foods like chutney, mayo, mustard, etc. is NOT a seven-ingredient recipe. It has seven components, but dozens of actual ingredients.

Actually all of the ingredients together don’t sound that great…but letting it all bake together for an hour and allowing the flavors to combine, the chicken cooks and realeses all of its juices…not sure they said to add salt and pepper, never skip the seasoning ! I’m willing to give it a try. Sometimes the oddest flavors end up really working well! & Def use Dijon n mustard, not yellow mustard ? I also like the idea of using chicken broth instead of water & a fresh sautéed onion.

Why would I “steam veggies” with this? When I cook with the oven — EVERYTHING goes in the oven! Why not bake potatoes and roast a green veggie like Brussels sprouts, green beans, or asparagus at the end?

I wouldn’t change a thing but still need to know where all the oil came from at the end of the cooking, almost 1/2 cup. Used boneless skinless chicken thighs, not a speck of fat on them… I will make again, so delicious but will be prepared for the oil removal.

Lots of fat/oil comes from the dark thigh meat. Even if you use boneless skinless breats it still has some fat in it. It could have also been the mayo (made of oil and eggs) separating while it baked? I bet a combo of dark meat chicken thighs and high fat mayo.

I would pour just the sauce into the blender and blend oh high for maybe 10-15 seconds. That should help a broken sauce!

that chicken in the picture looks like it was browned before baking …. also looks like they used paprika to me … there is a “Burn” to the skin … that looks so good .. can that com from just roasting?

Sounds like a winner. I too would vary the ingredients, but just a little to add a sweet with spicy flavor. Will mango juice work?

I don’t get the actual recipe here.. it’s a look good and will make my head spin but each person changed the recipe???

The chicken in the picture looks like it was browned first. I will when I make it. Also to Linda’s comment about the soup. Did you use the Beef onion soup mix? Might have been your problem there.

Is this Million Dollar chicken recipe cooked covered or uncovered in oven, recipe does not say??????? Always nice if recipe specifies all recipes covered or uncovered this instruction completes recipes

since no one replied, I am going to bake it 45 min covered and 15 min uncovered. Goes well with Jasmine rice. Doing it for Easter lunch, along with ham….just in case it isn’t good. Chutney is in the sauce area of the supermarket, near BBQ sauces, etc. I first tried in jellies and it wasn’t there.

My daughter has a severe reaction to gluten and I have to be very careful on my ingredients. The onion soup mix I used did not contain any wheat or wheat by-products. I hope this helps you.

Yes, almost any casserole can be cooked in a slow cooker. Because each slow cooker is different it is impossible to give a specific time. On low heat it should clock in somewhere between six to eight hours.

Your sounding pretty rude here.Why didn’t you just answer the question? And it’s crock pot not clock pot.

I don’t believe Jack was rude, and his comment was correct. He said they had to clock in which means they had to put down the amount of time six hours or eight hours, using a CROCK POT

You have to click on 2 pages. Do you see the big red letters on the first page that say “next page” and the instructions above it that tell you to click here in order to get the instructions and ingredients? One click and you have the recipe. You shouldn’t wish for anyone to be slapped as that isn’t very nice. Have a blessed day, Marge!

Going to try this in my Instant Pot pressure cooker with some modifications as follows. A most critical one is the addition of the Asian fish sauce, which should give it a tremendous boost in flavor. Those of you who use fish sauce will know what I am speaking about. (Most major supermarkets carry fish sauce). Pro Tip: don’t use salt and fish sauce at the same time.

8 pieces of Tyson chicken, breasts or thighs.
1 cup coconut cream
1 cup Mango chutney
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
¼ cup apricot preserves
1/2 cup chicken broth
1 medium onion minced and lightly sautéed in butter
1 teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 Tablespoon fish sauce

Mix the ingredients other than the chicken together and pour a quarter of it into a casserole pan. (or pressure cooker)
Place the chicken pieces into the casserole pan.
Pour the remaining mix over the chicken, covering equally.
Bake uncovered for 60 minutes at an oven of 375 degrees F. (or follow your pressure cooker instructions for chicken)

I made this for dinner last night and it was fabulous! I followed the directions and the ingredient list exactly and the flavor was out of this world. I used bone-in chicken thighs and I baked it about 15 minutes longer than the time stated as I wanted the chicken to be browned on top. It was crispy and succulent! Served it with rice for that lovely sauce, truly delicious! I will definitely be making this again. I never bought chutney before but I will be sure to have some in my pantry from now on! Thanks for sharing this one!

Walmart has its own brand of Mango Chutney (so you know chutney has been available a long time for Walmart to copy); you use chutney in recipes as you would any other sauce for flavoring! Have any of you people been cooking longer than a year – not trying to put anyone down, but…… use your brain …. I used only 4 pieces of chicken, so cut recipe in half …. in case I didn’t like it & therefore, wouldn’t have wasted ingredients……As comment above state: “Read & follow directions” & to you who don’t like some of the ingredients,….. change them & name of recipe.

What can I substitute Lipton chicken soup powder with? I have Celiac disease and everything has to be GF. Thank you

Check generic brands. My daughter is also extremely allergic to gluten and has to be GF or suffer the uncomfortable consequences. My package didn’t have any gluten or by-products in it and she had no problems.

The questions asked here are some of the stupidest I have ever heard! It is common sense folks, not rocket science. BTW, if you change this, and change that, you are not making the named recipe, so why comment? Sheesh!!!

I think this recipe is open to various changes with the ingredients. I couldn’t find mango chutney and substituted peach salsa. I used apricot preserves instead of jam, and frozen chicken thighs. It turned out GREAT, and will definitely make it again!! (I did allow about an extra 1/2 hour because of the frozen chicken. Be brave, be bold…most of you have been cooking for a while, experiment a little if you can’t find the exact ingredients! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with your choices!

You’re so positive! That’s awesome. The persons comment above yours was just rude! Thank you for being sweet and realizing people are allowed to change ingredients to their liking.

Jessica, my recommendation is that you call your recipe ‘BILLION DOLLAR CHICKEN’….it’s better than any other one, I’m sure.

To the kind person who wrote this recipe…’s wonderful. Thank you and it is complete and clear, as well as simple.
What is the matter with these people???!! They can’t figure their way around Mango Chutney and Mayonnaise….good grief!

FFS people, please read! MANGO Chutney and who cares what BRAND just get the freaking mango chutney, and get whatever BRAND Mayonnaise YOU like.

I am beginning to think there are no adults asking the questions.

Made this, and it truly is yummy, tastes good the next day too. I used the chutney my grocer had, and I used apricot preserves, as my grocer didn’t have it in jam form. Served it with rice, and cut green beans.

The flavor was great, but I think my sauce turned out too thin…I followed recipe but I am wondering if 3/4 cup water is too much? Any suggestions.

I’m making this recipe right now! I always use Purdue chicken and hellmans mayo. I used preserve instead of jam because I could not find jam. Chutney was hard to find. I kept on looking in the jelly/jam aisle. It’s where they have Indian, international foods. At first I thought it said apricot chutney. I was searching for that but came across the mango so thank goodness I decided to get it. I’ll post how we liked the recipe later

This site is a stitch! Hang on are you ready????????? I used Peach Chutney (its what I had) do not like Mayo – to oily – use Miracle Whip – yellow mustard? nope used Dijon and jam was pineapple as I had no apricot. I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts which I cut up (only 5 pieces). I di season the breasts with salt and pepper.
160 c. is 320 F ( not 375) so just to be totally inconsistent – did 330 F. It was a keeper! Not sure what will be in the house next time around but that will be a new experience :-). I did use the remainder of my jar of Chutney so perhaps I will try Mango as its replacement. Bottom line, have fun with it – that’s what cooking is all about! CHEERS!!! Half the fun was reading the comments 🙂

I needed a good laugh tonight! If you wonder why, just read and start reading the comments. Same questions asked 5 or more times. (Chutney, cover or not cover, too much mayo, dry onion soup mix or make your own, beef flavored? What is Chutney, where do you find Chutney, mango Chutney, mango Chutney, mango Chutney????? What kind of Mango Chutney? Sigh, I don’t think I will bother posting any recipes. Lololololololol 😉 😉 😉 😉

About the Mango Chutney……I saw two kinds at my grocery store, one sweet, and one spicy, which also has ginger in it, so it’s called Spicy Mango Ginger Chutney. I bought both with the intention of tasting each one first to see which one I liked. But instead of doing that, I just went with the sweet mango chutney (it was in the Indian food section or international isle). So, that being said, it was very good, however, next time I will try the spicy. The only thing I thought this recipe needed was a little heat to work against the super sweet apricot jam. In fact, I did sprinkle the top of the dish with black pepper before popping it in the oven, and I wish I had used more. SO….I hope this answers some of the mango chutney questions.

I didn’t know what kind of chutney to use so I used Thousand Island dressing instead.

Also, I had no preserves at home so I added an extra can of Campbells cream of mushroom

We hate Kraft products so I used Miracle Whip.

My family did not care for this recipe.

I have made this recipe several times and love it!! Do not cover the chicken while roasting. Yes, the chicken browns itself while roasting. I found it best when I marinated the chicken in the sauce for 24 hours. The chicken is very tender & juicy. I have used orange marmalade and apricot preserves, too. I also highly recommend adding sliced onions (sautéed in butter prior to putting casserole together). I left the onions in rings, rather than chopped. I use chicken thighs and roast for 1 hour at 350 degrees. Otherwise, I followed all the ingredients and directions. I have served the gravy over jasmine rice and mashed potatoes – the sauce is very good and flavorful. Our favorite dinner was with dressing, mashed potatoes, a crisp salad & steamed veggie. Don’t forget to highly season the chicken with salt and pepper before adding to the sauce! Enjoy!!!

Well, I did t have chicken so I tried beef. Don’t know what chutney is so 8 put some cinnamon applesauce. Used cinnamon because someone said don’t leave out spices, etc. ( you can debate if cinnamon is a spice after I am gone). Seemed to be debate about the correct temp. I am in USA so I closed my eyes and turned dial. I had apricot preserves, or was it jam, and needed to use that up so put it in. Didn’t have time to dice onion so I just put it in whole, will peel after cooking. Couldn’t remember the time so I cooked it for 12 hrs. Had in laws over to eat it, told them someone paid a lot of money for the recipe. It turned out fabulous, I had instant mashed potatoes, each person could just add their own hot water for whatever then wanted. I say it turned out great because in laws won’t come over to house anymore, they even stopped calling…??…ok, I am a man and I do cook most of the food in our house. I may have slightly enamored the truth about recipe, etc. But ladies ( well most of you) I always read comments about a recipe, usually helpful. This thread is so entertaining I probably will quit watching TV and read these! You all are a riot! All in fun…and people love my cinnamon buns recipe ( actually was my moms, but I can cook)…cheers

Any suggestions for something other than the onion soup mix? My husband can’t eat onions but this sounds great otherwise. I just feel like omitting it altogether will take a lot from the flavor.

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