Don’t MakeThis Side Dish In A Bowl EVER Again!

When I think of taco salad, I envision my mother chopping lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and black olives. She would then place all the veggies into a large mixing bowl, add some shredded cheese, and crush a bag of Doritos on top. Then, she’d pour a bottle of Kraft Catalina dressing over the food and mix it all up with her favorite wooden spoon.


Mom’s taco salad was the bomb, no doubt, however, this layered taco salad recipe that I came across is also a bright shining star in my book. You see, when mom would mix up all of those ingredients, the bowl never seemed big enough, and there was also stuff spilling over the sides leaving a mess for her to clean up. Layered taco salad is placed into a cake or casserole pan, no mixing! Plus, the sour cream and mayo sauce in the salad are simply divine.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Chin Deep.




Quick Tip: Feel free to use any type of tortilla chips that you want in this salad, but I prefer Doritos.

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