No – That’s Not Ricotta That You See!

So delicious you’ll never want ordinary lasagna again!

Everyone love some cheesy potato pierogis! What if I told you it’s possible to take all those delicious flavors and put them into lasagna form, and you have an easy “pierogi” casserole.

With only 6 simple ingredients you can enjoy hot cheesy potatoes in a simple dinner form! With Barilla lasagna noodles, hot mashed potatoes, and a Philadelphia cream cheese and Kraft cheddar cheese mixture you won’t be able to stop at one helping.

Throw in Oscar Mayer bacon bits and green onion for the ultimate addition to this tasty weeknight meal. This has been such a hit at my house that it has become my go-to recipe whenever I find myself in lack of dinner ideas. This one never fails and I always make enough to have leftovers for the next couple of days!



Quick Tip: You’ll need about 2 lb. baking potatoes (about 6) to get the 4 cups mashed potatoes.

Recipe and image courtesy of Kraft Recipes


I know this comment is coming late, but there is no sauce for this recipe, it is not a lasagna in the traditional sense, think more along the lines of a casserole.

Sauce? Probably very creamy , like a cheesy white sauce from the cream cheese. It sounds deliciously decadent but outrageously fattening

use lo fat cream cheese and reduced fat cheeses add extra spices for more flavor so you do not miss the fats.

It’s a casserole. No sauce needed. If you understand what happens to food in the body, fat is not your enemy. Foods that convert into sugars, like your potatoes, just time when you eat them, and don’t over indulge.

yrs ago my mom made this recipe …she put sauted onions and butter in between and/or on top…just like pierogis. and sour cream on the side

“Lasagna form” does not mean they’re calling it a lasagna. They’re just likening it to lasagna, because it’s in layers. If you feel it needs a sauce, make your own modifications. I’d probably put a layer of green enchilada sauce on it, myself. I’ve never had pierogies before, so I don’t know if there’s a sauce that goes with that style of cooking. Perhaps research the culture and make your own modifications based on what you learn.

to taste, make sure you press the liquid out of the kraut or you will have soup… motz ,chicken and broccoli around maybe 1 cup each..

Whatever you eat with pierogies can be put in the casserole. If you don’t like sauerkraut, put something bland in… You are the one eating your casserole…

Recipes are inspirations, alter them to suite your taste, don’t bother trying them if you don’t want to, keep them as they are, just have fun and enjoy them.

so, I made this recipe today for supper – followed the recipe “exact” as shown. Unfortunately, I found it very bland. It was somewhat tasty, but very bland. As well, 4 cups of mashed potatoes w/the additions was not nearly enough filling for in between the layers of lasagna noodles in a 9 x 13 pan. It would need at least 6 cups or more of the potato mixture. It definitely needs more salt & pepper – and IF I decide to try this recipe again – I would add fried onions to the potato mixture (I always have fried onions in my fridge – fried in oil). It would certainly make it easier to spread the filling on the layers of lasagna noodles. The potato mixture was very hard to work with – very clumpy and hard to spread.

Others may like it as it is – alas – not I, unless with some major tweaking. Some recipes I have found on the internet have been excellent & I’ve made them numerous times, some are not so good.

I apologize if my opinion insults anyone, however, that is just my opinion.

Yup you did insult lots of us. You could very easily posted this in a more polite way. But then that’s my opinion, no pun intended. Yeah right!!

she wasnt being impolite….you are! i think she gave a very fitting review as i have made this exactly to the recipe and everything she said is true.

I agree, I think she just was being honest, and I actually prefer that when seeing these recipes this way the rest of us know before we make some of these recipes.

I do not see that your comment was insulting, its a simple recipe, and I am pretty sure everyone who tries this one will want to make it to their own taste….you were being honest and you were not impolite are actually giving more imput

Did it not dawn on you to taste the potato mixture before preparing the entire dish.. if you do not taste your cooking a bit from time to time Its your own fault.. I do not know how long you have been cooking but nearly everyone knows LUMPY potatoes need something else… to smooth them out, butter , milk , cream. cream cheese. in other words Dairy. Potatoes also require a Lot of salt or they are super flat tasting. .. So again its on you , you prepared the potatoes and I would have to guess you allowed them to cool for to long as piping hot potatoes are seldom lumpy or you used the wrong potato , the best for mashing are Burbank – Russets. Also in conclusion , you contradicted yourself . either the recipe is Tasty or it is Bland it cannot be both. You could have also added onion flakes or powder to spice up the recipe a bit more.. I am not a recipe cook and I adjust seasonings and other additives as I prepare the dish. OH and I have been cooking for almost 40 yrs.. so I know what is what.. people rave about my meals. this is not my opinion is it factually based from a lot of experience.

yes it is!! a recipe is a recipe is a recipe…so when u make it according to the recipe you are preparing you expect it to be as the recipe states lol so Janice P ive been cooking for 60 years and I dont ever tweek a recipe im trying until ive tried it AS IS first”” please dont ridicule people on a recipe site for goodness sakes!

Please, everybody, just relax–it’s only a recipe. Everyone (ever since before the election) seems ready to fight on Facebook. Come on guys, this is just for fun. Share your tips for improvement, don’t try the recipe if you think it’s a bad idea but please be respectful of each other and keep it kind. Life’s short–enjoy it.

I think it may be an Eastern European thing. That’s a typical approach to filling up tummies in large families inexpensively. Especially good in cold climates. To us it tastes like home!

I don’t find your comments insulting at all. Everyone has different tastes. To me this recipe doesn’t even sound good….’mashed potatoes with lasagna? .

If you look at the bottom left side of the picture right below it you will see a number of small colored blocks, for facebook, twitter, Pinterest, etc. the one on the far right is for printing. Hope it works, I’ve been tryin to put these on Pinterest but the picture doesn’t show up so i don’t get to pin it.

Pasta and potatoes both need plenty of salt. I’ve made a different version that uses butter and sour cream and carmelized onions. No Philly. So good and so bad for you, lol.

I have made a similar recipe and I started with buttery carmelized onion and included the onion mixture in every layer. I also added sour cream and cheese to the potatoes. Delicious! No Philly or bacon but the bacon might be something interesting to try. I love peroxide. Need a lot of filling or the noodles would over power the dish.

That’s a great idea about the carmelized onions and exactly how I’ll start my version of this recipe. Thanks!

Thanks for testing the recipe Judy! These sound really good. I always salt and pepper potatoes and noodles. Judy, your improvement suggestions helped us all. You were NOT rude at all. Thank you. We’re on low carb. So, I’m going to make this with mashed cauliflower and I’ll bet it is fantastic.

My mom grew up on the real peirogis,but never learned how to make them. I made this for our Easter dinner just before she passed away and she was thrilled to have it. Very close to them without rolling out dough and then having them fall apart. FYI everyone I’ve made this for loves it.

I was going to ask if possible to use cauliflower. A lot less carbs. Did you try using cauliflower and how did it taste?

Not a rude comment at all. Who would put peroxide in this? That sounds crazy! I’ll bet it is good with all potato or with some portion of cauliflower as well. I’ve met people that use white beans mashed in with a bit of mashed potato so their kids are getting protein instead of all the starry carb of potato and I’d be willing to bet that might also work in this recipe, depending on your needs.

Re Lisa’s comment on 4/23 – she probably meant Pierogis not peroxide, that would be my guess. Love that auto-correct – NOT!

Sally – I am pretty sure Lisa meant pierogis and not peroxide. Just like you meant “starchy” carb and not “starry” carb. I am sure auto correct changed your word, just as it changed hers. Common sense would say she didn’t put peroxide in her meal.

I made this before, I made some of my own alterations I did not use bacon bits I actually cooked bacon and added it to the potato mixture, with the potato’s I made home made mashed instead of using butter I used a infused garlic olive oil added a touch of fresh parsley, and salt and pepper to taste using cheesy potato’s was not a good match the first time I made it. I did however mix in cubes of Monterey Jack cheese and let it melt into the potato’s as for the last step I did a home made white sauce infused with a brown butter sauce the mixture of the two was a creamy buttery delight…..

I am astonished at how people can turn a harmless recipe thread, into a vicious cycle of insults, and sarcasm. What is wrong with people now days? Good Grief! To the original poster of the recipe. It sounds really good to me. I will try it soon. I may or may not tweak it. Who knows, who cares. That is for sharing!!!

I know right. This is crazy. ??Looks
good to me. And by the way, for those who asked what the sauce is, the cream cheese is going to melt
into a cheese sauce, plus the potatoes are mashed, so with both
of those, it won’t need any other sauce.

Sorry, I just have to mention this. Judy, you too, must be a Canadian. We apologize when there really isn’t a need to but I wouldn’t change that for anything. ❤ I like it when people
mention their tweaks and observations. It helps when I want to make something. Sometimes it can save a recipe and the cost it takes to make it. Thanks, Judy!!!

The photo of this recipe looked divine so I had to come look. My family loves perogies and we top them with sour cream and chopped green onion. They are by nature rather bland. They are pasta filled with potatoes. This is not meant to be a meal is it? This is , like perogies, a side dish isn’t it? You could make it a meal with meat and green veggies, but then it would not be a perogie casserole. LOL. I loved the idea of trying cauliflower instead of potato. Bacon also sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely give this a try.

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