All the Flavors of Your Favorite Italian Dish in One Easy Pot

Last week was one of the busiest weeks of my life, ever. I had no idea how I was going to find time to cook dinner for my family, and I didn’t want to order takeout every night of the week (I did it twice, though…) I also didn’t want my husband to take care of dinner, because he was already driving the kids everywhere – on top of his work, of course. So I searched for a few recipes that would basically cook themselves! Here’s one of them that we all fell in love with.


With only two simple steps and 10 minutes of prep time, this dish is the perfect solution for a weeknight dinner. Stuffed peppers might be enticing to the eyes, but un-stuffed in this soup will warm your soul. Combine the perfect amounts of chunky beef, sweet peppers, long grain rice, garlic, and onion for flavors that will make your whole family coming back for more. Cook in a Dutch oven for a faster cooking time, or in a slow cooker for an all-day simmer.

Recipe Courtesy of Taste of Home. Photo Courtesy of Yummly.



Quick Tip: Use whole grain brown rice for an even healthier option.

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