The Delightful Goodness Of This Cherry Chocolate Cream Pie Is What The World Needs

6 best desserts chocolate cream pie

I’d like to propose a toast to this chocolate cream pie because it is THAT good.

I did have my moments. For example that small chiffon cake with cream cheese frosting that I baked for my parents anniversary last year? It was a hit. I made the chiffon cake recipe simple (just one that I read from a cookbook), but I made sure the cream cheese frosting was to die for. Most of the cakes I tried baking, unfortunately, ended up somewhere else that I’d rather not mention. I promise no one got poisoned. It’s just that they either didn’t look nice to be served to the guests or they turned out to be a mystery cake (the guests would need to guess what type of cakes they were).

Whenever I need to prepare a dessert that will blow anyone’s mind and with only less than a day in my hands, I always go for the no-bake ones like chocolate cream pie. It’s the safest thing for me (and for my guests). This recipe for chocolate cream pie that I found over on Facebook saved me from a dinner fiasco a couple of weeks ago.

A really good dessert can be your reliable go-to food after an embarrassing dinner. You have to believe me—anyone will forget about the nasty when you have a dessert this simple and tasty!




Quick Tip: If you don’t feel like making a meringue, you could top the pie with Cool Whip. Consider garnishing the chocolate cream pie with shaved chocolate or candy sprinkles.