Say Goodbye To Chilly Evenings With This Stupendous Stew Recipe!

Quick, Easy And Flavorful – Don’t Skip This One!

What is it about stews and soups that makes them so perfect for these chilly winter days?

I mean, sure – I could whip up a nice lasagna to fill my belly but it’s just not the same. But a nice beef stew like this one? I swear I could be frozen solid and it would still warm me up in an instant.

Especially this recipe, since there’s some nice and spicy jalapeno action going on here! Funny, I never thought of adding jalapenos to beef stew until a friend of mine shared her recipe with me. She said there was no going back after trying this one, and she was right!

If I happen to make a regular beef stew every now and then, my husband always asks if I’ve forgotten something, haha! We do enjoy food with a little bit of kick to it, so sometimes I add even more jalapenos. Feel free to adjust the amount to your taste!

My friend said she just serves this with some white bread, but I love serving it with mashed potatoes. It’s super delicious, you should try it!


Quick Tip: Add more jalapeno if you’d like a really hot and spicy stew!