Amaze Your Guests With This Totally Irresistible Loaf Cake

I Would Do Anything For Love… And This Cake

Today is the perfect day for a lemon poppy seed loaf cake! Trust me, I know because I just made one!

This has been my go-to cake recipe for at least two years now. I got it from one of the sweet ladies at the church potluck, and I have made it probably two dozen times after that. This is one of the easiest cakes that I’ve made from scratch! The only thing easier would be a cake mix, but this is just so much more flavorful.

It comes out with the perfect, soft consistency and I love that little bit of crunch that comes from the poppy seeds. I was used to making lemon cake without them, but I never leave them out these days! It makes the perfect breakfast or brunch, plus you’re probably going to want a slice for dessert, too…

Sometimes I add a sugar glaze on top, although the cake doesn’t really need one. It is moist and sweet enough on its own. If you’d like, you could serve each slice with a dollop of whipped cream, or maybe some of your favorite jam.


Quick Tip: Add your favorite frosting or sugar glaze, if you’d like.