Baked Honey Chicken Tenders – The Perfect Weeknight Meal

5 easy recipes baked honey chicken

This Recipe Wins The Internet Today!

I’ve tried dozens and dozens of chicken recipes over the years but I don’t think any of them were as tasty or as easy to make as these baked honey chicken tenders from Lynn’s Recipes! Watching Lynn cook these, I had a feeling they would turn out awesome – but I had no idea they would be so incredibly delicious. I immediately knew I should have made a double batch, and I definitely will, next time!

Lynn is making it so easy for us to fix a weeknight meal; you only need seven ingredients to make these. And you could even do without the green onions, if you don’t happen to have them handy. It’s probably one of the easiest meals I’ve ever made. You won’t need to worry about a massive cleanup, either!

There is one problem, though – these chicken tenders smell so good and they’re so tasty, you’re going to want to eat them straight from the baking dish… And that’s totally fine! I won’t tell if you won’t!

This is my husband’s favorite meal and I have to admit it’s in my top 3, as well!

Recipe and image courtesy of YouTube and Lynn’s Recipes – check out all of her amazing recipes!


Quick Tip: Instead of chicken tenders, you could use chicken breasts – just cut them into small strips.