You’ll Never Believe What Ingredient Is Missing From This Cake!

Enjoy This Guilt-Free Cake For Breakfast Or Dessert!

It’s pretty common that people start thinking about a healthier diet after the holidays.

I do that every year, unfortunately I lack the will power to keep up with the diet for longer than a few weeks… I think it’s because of the fact that I love cakes and sweet desserts. I just cannot imagine my life without them, and I thought I would forever be hooked on sugar. That’s, until I came across Lois’ wonderful blog Stuffed At The Gill’s, and found this incredible cake recipe.

You guys – would you believe there is no sugar on the ingredient list? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! And it’s cholesterol free, too – how awesome is that?

Every time I’ve tried another “healthy cake” recipe, it’s been more or less disappointing. But this one turned out super yummy! It has quickly become my favorite breakfast cake (I’m one of those people who need a slice of cake with a cup of coffee in the morning) and I have also served this for dessert, too. Even our little Princess Picky said it was really good!

Check out Lois’ blog Stuffed At The Gill’s for more, delicious recipes! It’s one of our favorites!



Quick Tip: Serve with a cup of strong coffee – or a tall glass of milk!