Five-Star Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake

This dump cake will make your hubby happy!

My husband has the sweetest tooth of anyone I have ever met. He could have a dessert after every meal…if I made it for him. Now, it’s not the healthiest idea to eat a super sweet cake or pie after every meal, but I do like to surprise my hard-working guy once in a while with one of his favorite treats.

When I found this recipe, I knew that it was going to be the perfect option for me and my family. It looked simple to make, which is what I need with my busy lifestyle, and it had all of my husband’s favorite flavors.

I grabbed up the ingredients at the shopping center the next time I went, and I made it for him the very next day. When he got home from his twelve-hour shift, he gobbled down dinner it what seemed like about two fork fulls.

I knew he was still going to be hungry so I told him to stay put and brought him a nice plate of this with some ice cream. His face lights up like it was Christmas. He devoured the whole dish and then went back for seconds later on that night.

This is one of my new favorites to make because it’s just so simple! Everyone is happy when this comes out of the oven.




Quick Tip: Try with chopped pecans or almonds.