Beef Barley Soup Keeps The Winter Blues Away!

I can’t imagine the winter without this soup.

Every holiday, we usually dress up for reunions. For the adults, we usually just have color codes. We always decide what color to wear and then we come to the reunion wearing any clothing that bears that color. Usually, if it’s Christmas or New Year, we wear red or green. They’re classic and easy to find. However, it’s different for the kids. We usually get them to wear costumes because they just look too cute not to be put in costumes.

During last Christmas, they were all in little elf tunics and tights. Most of my nephews were grumbling, but in the end they just grinned and bore it all. Everyone also has presentations.

Most of the time they danced a little dance number that is choreographed by one of my cousins (I don’t dance a lot! I sing). For this Christmas, it was a dance and a song number which truly entertained us. Their bobbing heads and clumsy dance steps were too adorable not to gush over.

By the end of the presentation, the “little elves” were rewarded with their favorite soup. While they were savoring the warm soup made by one of my aunts, it was the adults’ turn to perform.

This beef and barley soup recipe reminds me of those holidays when family is the center of everyone’s attention. I am pretty sure your family will enjoy this classic soup that will warm their hearts.




Quick Tip: You can use the low-sodium broth variety if you like.