Gourmet Ground Beef, Cheese, And Tater Casserole

Ground beef is one of my favorite meats to eat. 

I love to eat it the Cuban way my grandma prepares it with red peppers, tomato sauce and lots of chopped onions in it.  That is the way I would eat it at least once a week growing up.  If there were leftovers, I would stuff some of that in taco shells and was good to go.  It was really pretty delicious and quite appetizing.

Now, a few years have passed and I have discovered that is not the only way to prepare ground beef.  I have found that you can prepare it with, drumroll, please…CHEESE!  Yes, I know most of you probably already know this or have made it this way your whole life, but this is new to me.  And I love new recipes!

This one here is loaded with three of my favorite things: potatoes, beef and cheese.  And my favorite part: it is made in one dish! Yes, that is a total win for lazy nights when you do not want to wash lots of pots and pans.  Keep this recipe handy, I bet once you try it, it will make your weekly meal plan.  This is a recipe the whole family will love.




 Quick Tip: Use any combinations of cheese you have, they will give a variation of flavor to this dish.