Sweet As Candy: Skittles Cupcakes!

Fluffy cupcakes filled with brightly colored Skittles candy. Yummo!

As if Skittles aren’t sweet enough, right? Haha! These cupcakes are amazing and they make the perfect once-in-awhile treat. I love garnishing the tops of the cupcakes with Skittles. It gives them such a cheerful appearance. If you think that is “sweet” wait until you take a bite of one of these cupcakes. The middles are filled with Skittles! Hey, that sort of rhymed 🙂

My kiddos love these cupcakes. I made them one year for my oldest son’s birthday. He said that they were way better than a traditional birthday cake. I’d have to agree with him.

Are ready to get the details on this yummy recipe? Flip on over to the next page for a list of ingredients and carefully thought out instructions. Enjoy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Me And My Pink Mixer.




Quick Tip: If you have a cupcake corer you cna make a neat little hole in the center of the cupcakes to place your Skittles into. If not, just be careful and use a knife.