Enchanted Desserts – Magic Cookie Bars Will Take Your Tongue On A Flying Carpet Ride!

These delicious cookie bars will surely sweep you off your feet.

Each year during the holidays I am always on the prowl for new and exciting desserts to make. The ladies at my church have a holiday cookie exchange and I try to make something new each season. Well, this year I have found my calling and it lies within this recipe for Magical cookie bars. talk about a yum fest! These cookie bars are super textured and tasty. Seriously, you won’t be able to just eat one.

I mean, truthfully, these cookie bars are so dense you probably could eat them for dinner and not walk away from the table hungry. Not sure if you should do that but if you had to…LOL!

Are ready to get the details on this yummy recipe? Flip on over to the next page for a list of ingredients and carefully thought out instructions. Enjoy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Living Life As A Leading Lady.




Quick Tip: These bars make the perfect holiday dessert to pass during those family potlucks and dinners.