You Won’t Believe What One Ingredient Is Missing From These Awesome Cookies!

Get A Tall Glass Of Milk Before You Even Look At This Recipe

The other day I suddenly had a craving for chocolate chip cookies. It came out of nowhere but I simply had to have them immediately! I checked the pantry to see if I had all the ingredients at hand, to make a batch. I hadn’t made cookies in quite a while, but I knew that I needed eggs. But, of course, I had none when I needed them the most! It was too late to go to the store too. Now what the heck was I going to do?

I called my friend Joy; her son has food allergies so I was hoping she might have a special recipe for cookies without eggs. And she didn’t disappoint! She said she has the best recipe ever, and that she makes these for her whole family. Besides chocolate chips, you could add some chopped pecans in the dough, and fortunately I did have those at the back of the kitchen cupboard.

It didn’t take long until I was already back in the kitchen, throwing the cookies into the oven. I have to admit I ate plenty of the dough as is! Wow was it ever good! And I didn’t have to worry about eating raw eggs in there.



Quick Tip: No egg – so you can eat all the cookie dough you want!