This Brownie Recipe Is So Good, Some Think It’s Witchcraft

6 best desserts fudge brownies with frosting

These Fudge Brownies With An Amazing Frosting Are Out Of This World!

When my brother and I were young, times were simpler. Our parents trusted us, and society, to travel around our little town after about age ten. We could only go if we were together though.

We would hop on our bikes and go and explore. This could mean checking out little bike trails or roads that we hadn’t been on before. Sometimes we would get brave and pop into a store and do a little window shopping. The clerks started to know us after a few times. We were good kids, so we never caused any trouble. That’s why they didn’t mind us hanging around so much. When we had some money in our pockets though, we would head straight for the town bakery.

They had the best homemade desserts that I have ever tried. If we got there early enough, we would grab up one of their huge fudge brownies. They were like a little piece of heaven in our hands.

They were super cheap, and super tasty. It’s a good thing that Mom and Dad never gave us more than a dollar or so, or we may have had a bit of a problem! Now that I have this recipe, I can make them for my kids and they can experience the flavor that I grew up loving so much.



Quick Tip: These brownies are delicious even without the frosting!