Everything But The Kitchen Sink Pork And Beef Stew

We eat a lot of soups and chilis at my house.

When my kids were at home, that’s all I could make to be sure that everyone was going to get enough to eat. That, and they were cheap meals so that’s always a plus. When we would get tired of eating the same kinds of things over and over again, I would look for new recipes from friends and family. One of my friends at church gave me the recipe for a nice pork and hamburger stew one Sunday morning. I was really excited about making it. It looked like it had all kinds of delicious ingredients in it.

When I got home, I found that I already had everything that I needed to make it right in my kitchen. So, without hesitation, that’s what was for dinner that night. It was so hearty and filling, we even had leftovers, which was usually unheard of.

Whenever my kids come home for a visit now, they request that I make this stuff for them. It’s so nice and comforting, I can see why. It gives them the whole “back at home” experience that they love so much after going out and being adults. I’m happy to see the smiles on their faces after enjoying a nice big bowl.




Quick Tip: Add and subtract whatever veggies you want to make this your own.