Pork, Apple, And Parsnip Pot Pie – Savory And Delicious!

As kids, we had often engaged in worthless kid fights. 

My brother was often in fist fights while I was often in verbal fights. Well, okay, I was often in fist fights too, but you get what I mean. I never cried in front of my adversaries. I didn’t want to show them that the scrape on my knee hurt or that the punch on my arm hurt. After giving my playmates/disguised enemies the “evil eye”, I often went home and that’s when I always cried, and in the arms of my mother. My mother wasn’t the patronizing type. If it was my fault, she always reprimanded me, but if it wasn’t, she would remain silent and would just offer me something that would cheer me up. After cheering me up, we would then have “the talk”.

The “cheering up” often involved pies. Pies, pies, pies. Pies are the best comfort food anyone can offer someone who’s feeling down or who’s not in the best of moods. I can’t explain, but pies always make me feel better. I love meat pies when I’m in the mood for something warm and soothing. I love fruit pies when I’m in the mood for something sweet or something fresh that I would eat with coffee.

And I love chocolate pies just because its main ingredient is chocolate. But I have never been a fan of a pie that combines the main dish taste of meat and the dessert taste of apples. This recipe, however, doesn’t agree and proves to me how good this combination actually is.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Food To Love.




Quick Tip:  If you’re a fan of mashed potatoes, you can put more on top of the dish before broiling.