Grandma’s Sunday Supper: Juicy Roast Beef And Seasoned Brown Gravy

A couple of recipes ago, I wrote about Mom’s roast beef.

But that was Mom’s. And my Mom’s (and your Moms’, I’m sure) recipes have that god-like status that they’re incomparable. What about us poor mortals who only inherit these recipes and can’t seem to get them right at times? We have to improvise! We have to tweak the recipe based on our strengths us kitchen divas, or we find help from someone who doesn’t have that god-like status, but is still good.

My help comes in the form of a friend who used to live in the countryside; in a town that’s a few hours from the city where she now lives. These places usually have the best country dishes and sometimes the easiest methods in making these classic dishes. She invited me for dinner once, and I had a taste of her cooking. Her roast beef was so succulent and juicy; so perfectly cooked.

The mashed potatoes and gravy that went with it were perfect on their own too. I felt a bit shy because of the effort she exerted just to prepare an excellent meal for me. But then she told me I didn’t have to feel sorry or feel bad because she’s been making it all her life and it’s as easy as breathing. I had quite the cooking lesson that night.




Quick Tip:  Serve with mashed potatoes and cooked carrots.