Slow Cooker Shrimp Chowder – A Tasty Wonder Of The Sea!

Whenever you want to serve a hearty meal, but don’t have the time to fuss over details, the slow cooker is always there to the rescue.

There are a lot of slow cooker meals to choose from that will help you achieve your desire for good food. All you have to do is throw everything in there and let the wonder bowl of steel do its magic. One of my favorite things to cook in slow cookers is chowders. Cooking chowders in a slow cooker release more the flavors of the ingredients and achieves just the right consistency you want.

Shrimps make the best chowders. They taste so good in anything creamy such as cream-based pasta and cream-based soups. My Mom still makes this creamy seafood chowder wherein shrimps are the main ingredients. She makes it with a lot of cheese and adds a bit of heavy cream to the sauce, making it thicker and creamier. She also

She also add little bits of potatoes, which I couldn’t taste anymore once it’s all cooked. I think they kind of melt along with the sauce. It smells so good too. I asked the recipe from her and tweaked it a bit. I did nothing fancy; I just ommitted a few of the seafood pieces and added more shrimps. What can I say? I’m loyal to shrimps!




Quick Tip: Serve with your favorite crusty bread.