Hot And Seasoned Just Right: Bubbly Crab Dip

My husband loves just about anything.  I am serious, he tries and likes everything. 

Every time we travel, we find a great restaurant in the area and then eat a classic dish from the area.  My husband is not shy when it comes to trying new dishes.  He usually tries to stick with meals that are unlike the kinds anyone can make in our hometown, no matter how weird. One that he loved when we went to Rhode Island was a cheesy crab dip. No, not that weird, but definitely not common in our town.  It is expensive and hard to make.  Or so I thought.

I searched for a recipe and came out with nothing.  There was no recipe that was good enough for this cheesy crab dip he so craved!  I casually was talking to my father in law about this and since I know he likes to cook, I asked him if he knew any recipe like this because I was falling short.

He actually did have a recipe.  It was a cheesy dip just like the crab one and had chunks of real crab in it.  I made it for my husband on his birthday as a surprise and he loved it even more than the original one!




Quick Tip: Serve this with any type of bread or in a hollowed out bread bowl.