South Carolina Hummingbird Cake – She’s A Beauty!

I remember the first time I heard the idea of a hummingbird cake. 

I was at a mall and totally fascinated by the fact that The Cheesecake Factory was serving something other than cheesecake for dessert.  I had no idea they did that! I later found out I was late on this information because The Cheesecake Factory served many delicious desserts other than cheesecake, such as mile high chocolate cake, carrot cake and lemon meringue pie.  I know, so weird, but it is true!
Now, I really love cheesecake, but every now and then I want something different so when we were last at The Cheesecake Factory, I decided to order Hummingbird Cake.

I had never tried it, although I had read rave reviews about it so I decided to give it a go.  After one bite, I knew what this was all about.  This cake was fluffy, nutty and had the perfect cheesecake frosting to go with it.  It had a flavor that I had never tasted before (probably the mix of that vanilla with nutty extract) and at that moment, I knew I needed to make this at home.  I bought another slice, and took it home, so I could figure out the recipe from there!

Photo courtesy of Mission Food.




Quick Tip: Top with a mix of all your favorite chopped nuts