Maple Browned Butter Bars Covered In A Gooey Sauce – Sounds Good To Me!

What is a brownie without chocolate, you ask? Well, it is better, if I do say so myself.

I know, I know, all you chocolate lovers out there are disagreeing at the top of your lungs, but give it a chance. These are not so bad, after all.  Actually, they have the perfect combination of sweet, maple and texture of a brownie.  If it is not for the missing chocolate, you would not even miss the brownie (I know, that is a big deal for some of you, haha!).

Anyway, my husband is a big chocolate lover and he approved of this treat.  These have browned butter, which if you have never tried, you have got to…it is delicious! And they also have a hint of maple which gives it the light sweet taste.  Add the texture of a classic brownie, and you have got yourself and original sweet treat that is unlike any other.  These are great for potlucks, parties or bake sales.  I have sold these many a times at church fundraisers to make money for the youth group to attend a conference and these are always the first to sell out.  All the kids love these because of the amount of money they bring in.




Quick Tip: Serve with butter pecan ice cream and a drizzle of caramel.