Feed Your Family Well: Chicken Spaghetti Bake

At least once a week I stand around my kitchen doing circles trying to figure out what to make before my hungry family gets home from their days of school and work.

We have two hungry teenage boys, and a middle school daughter to feed. Then there’s my husband, who on some days could eat enough to feed a small army it seems. I always try to make something good, but it also has to be big. Casseroles are my go to a lot of the times just because there is usually a nice big pot to work with.

I get tired of making the same ol’ ones time and time again though. I think the family gets tired of eating them too. So, whenever I find a new one, like this chicken spaghetti casserole from the web, I figure it’s worth a shot. This one actually sounded pretty simple. I thought I can have this done in a jiffy!

It was really very easy. No more difficult than any other casserole that I’ve ever made. When the family walked in they could smell it cooking. Each one of them asked me what was for dinner in an eyebrow raising kind of way, like they knew it was going to be good. It was! We all had seconds!




Quick Tip: Use whatever pasta you have on hand.