Chicken Breasts Stuffed To The Hilt With Delicious Italian Herbs, Sauce, And Cheese

My husband and I were super stoked.

We were going to be going to a dinner at a friend’s house, and they had arranged for an on-site babysitter for everyone, free of charge! I couldn’t wait to get over there and enjoy some real adult time. I asked my friend if she wanted me to bring anything that we could share with the rest of the group that was going to be there, and she insisted that they had it covered. Well, okay then, you don’t have to tell me twice. I did take a small dessert, just because I didn’t want to show up empty-handed.

When we all sat down at the kid-free table to eat, she served us these stuffed chicken breasts that not only looked really tasty, but the aroma that they were giving off was amazing. I could hardly wait to dive in and give it a taste. She said that she had copied a recipe that she found on the web.

We all sat around that table for about two hours, enjoying our meal, talking, and just getting some peace and relaxation in. I helped with the dishes, just because it was the least I could do after such an incredible meal. That, and I had to get the recipe from her before I left!




Quick Tip: Try with provolone cheese.