Mother’s Butter Pecan Pound Cake Is The Beat Of My Heart

Mom’s butter pecan pound cake never fails to make anyone feel better about themselves. I know because I have experienced it myself. Homemade comfort dessert really does something good for the heart. I remember being overly grade conscious when I was a kid. My parents never pressured me or my brother when it came to our studies. Yes, they wanted us to have good grades, but they never forced us to rank in class.

It was me who felt that I should be really good in academics so I was the one who pressured myself so much. I studied hard to the point that I wasn’t getting enough sleep for it. Even my parents became worried, but I still pushed myself.

But life wasn’t always about winning. It’s about keeping the balance. So there were times that I still failed no matter how much I studied. And that made me feel bad.

I would always come home, crying. And no amount of consoling would make me feel better. The only way I would stop crying was when Mom finally gave me a slice of her butter pecan pound cake.

It wasn’t about just the taste. It’s about the way she comforted me. She’s really a good cook so she knew that her cooking would always make us feel better.

Moms know how to make you feel better. Always.


Quick Tip: You can use another glaze or frosting for this recipe if you like.