This Recipe Will Make You Feel Like Grandma Is Back In Your Kitchen Again

The Smell Of This Will Fill Your Home With Pure Comfort

I believe we all have that one recipe that takes us back in time, all the way to those wonderful childhood days that always seemed to be filled with sunshine and happy faces. Many of my memories from those days include my mother and grandmother baking in the kitchen. Saturday was a full-on baking day for them; they would make savory and sweet pastries and freeze them for the week to come.

What I was always looking forward to the most were the cinnamon rolls. Mmmm! I could have eaten half a dozen of those in one go, with a tall glass of cold milk (I think I actually did, once, and got a terrible tummy ache!)

I’ve tried so many times to make cinnamon rolls with my Mom’s recipe, but I always seem to fail. They just don’t turn out as soft and tasty as hers always do, and I had almost given up on trying. But then I came across this recipe at a church potluck and I had an epiphany. Brilliant! How come I never thought of turning the cinnamon rolls into a loaf! It makes so much sense, and even I might be able to succeed.



Quick Tip: Make sure you let the dough rise until it doubles in size! This will make sure the bread turns out perfect.