Your New Favorite Potluck Banana Cake!


My work was having an employee appreciation week and we had some really fun events planned! The first day we were having an ice cream social, which I always love because I love ice cream! It turned out really awesome and yummy! The second day we all had a silly wear your pajamas to work kind of day. That was a pretty relaxed day! The third day we all received a nice gift card!

My favorite day was Thursday because we had a lunch potluck! I love going to potlucks because everyone gets to show off their favorite recipes and I get to try them! I really love seeing what everyone makes. I enjoy cooking and I love to see others enjoy the food that I bring. These types of meals are ones that I love to indulge in guilt free. I mean who doesn’t love a little binging?

I usually bring a savory dish, but this time I wanted to bring something sweet instead. I was wondering what I could make that everyone would love and would be yummy to make. Well, it finally dawned upon me. I wanted to make a cake and I wanted to use bananas. Luckily, I remembered this banana cake with coffee frosting! Yum! This cake is seriously delicious! Definitely a must try.

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Tammy Cook Blogs Book.


Quick Tip: Serve with hot coffee.