The Best Cobbler Of 2017 – Starring Chicken And Mushrooms!


I had a couple of my girlfriends coming into town to stay with me. They were both in a wedding and wanted to cut down the cost, which I completely understand. Being in a wedding is expensive enough, especially when you have to travel to be in it. I was happy to open up my humble abode to them and help out on the cost. Plus I had seen them in quite some time.

One of the nights my friends were going to spend the evening with me. We had planned to go out, but they ended up coming back to my house, exhausted from the day! I asked if they wanted to kick back and stay in. They were more than thrilled at my offer. I told them that I would cook them dinner and we could spend a relaxing evening at home.

I was thinking of what to make and it finally dawned on me. I had gotten this delicious chicken and mushroom cobbler recipe from a friend and had been meaning to make. This seemed like the perfect opportunity and I just had to try it. Well, I am certainly glad that I did because it was so yummy! The smell was intoxicating while it was cooking. My friends loved this comfort food dish!

Recipe and photo credit courtesy of Moosages.


Quick Tip: Serve this cobbler along with a yummy side salad.